‘Ace Of Diamond’ Season 3 Release Date: ‘Diamond no Ace/Daiya no Ace’ Act 2 Anime Teased By Ryota Ohsaka/Eijun

Ace of Diamond Season 3 is now starting the windup, getting ready to pitch a fastball to anime sports fans in the coming future. But what should baseball anime fans expect of the third season based on the Ace of Diamond Act 2 manga?

The news about Diamond no Ace Season 3 came during the recent Daiya no A: The Orchestra concert in Japan. The performance by the brass band involved people who worked on the opening theme of the anime. Several of the voice actors also performed a recitation drama for the event.

According to Comic Natalie, the voice of the anime character Eijun Sawamura, actor Ryota Ohsaka, threw a curveball at the audience by referencing the third season.

“It was fun to be able to play Eijun for the first time in a while and I felt like I came back. I feel I took a big step today and I will continue to perform in various places,” Ohsaka stated. ” However, the anime has not finished yet! It will continue for sure. Absolutely! Thank you in the future.”

After Ohsaka sent that strong hint about Ace Of Diamond Season 3, the orchestra ended the event by performing the ending theme for the second season of the anime. The event also announced that the Ace of Diamond Blu-ray box set will be released in three volumes. The Japanese release date for the first volume is scheduled for March 21, 2018, and the second volume is coming out on June 20, 2018.

Ace Of Diamond Season 3 Release Date Could Be In 2019 Or 2020?

As of this publishing, anime production companies Production IG and Madhouse have not announced anything official about the Ace of Diamond Season 3 release date, although this article will be updated as soon as the anime sequel’s premiere is confirmed. However, there can be reasonable speculation about when the Diamond no Ace Season 3 air date may occur.

Unfortunately, the surprising announcement by Ryota Ohsaka did not specify the Ace of Diamond Season 3 premiere date, nor give any other hints. However, it just so happens that the official Twitter account for the Daiya no A anime series made a point of announcing the Ace of Diamond All-Star Game 3 event during the orchestral event.

“We have finished the first orchestral event for Diamond no Ace: The Orchestra! Thank you for your coming!” they said. “We also announced the long-awaited Ace of Diamond All-Star Game Ⅲ, [which is scheduled for] November 25, 2018. Please wait for the follow-up!”

New anime seasons do tend to be announced at major events at least several months in advance before the premiere date. And it’s a fact that the two studios which produced the first two seasons of the Ace of Diamond anime have only confirmed their schedules for the first half of 2018.

Studio Madhouse is currently wrapping up Overlord II (which could lead to Overlord Season 3), Cardcaptor Sakura, and A Place Further Than the Universe, but so far, their schedule for the latter half of 2018 is unannounced. Similarly, Production IG has several anime series stepping up to the plate, including the Netflix Original B: The Beginning and the two FLCL sequels, but so far, their schedule for 2018 and beyond only includes a 2019 Ultraman project.

So, it’s reasonable for fans to hope that Ace of Diamond Season 3 will come out in late 2018. However, assuming that an official announcement takes place at the Ace of Diamond All-Star Game Ⅲ event in November, it seems more likely that the premiere date for the third season will happen in 2019 or 2020. Another good reason to think that AoD Season 3 will come out later, rather than sooner, is due to Terajima’s current progress on the manga.

Diamond no Ace Season 3 Spoilers Based On The Ace of Diamond Manga

The story of the Diamond no Ace manga started way back in 2006. Manga artist Yuji Terajima releases new chapters on a weekly basis and the manga is divided up into two major story acts. As of this article’s publishing, Ace of Diamond Volume 10 of Act 2 came out in Japan in December of 2017, and Act 2: Volume 11 is scheduled for February 16, 2018, but the official English translation of the manga is only up to Volume 8 of Act 1.

The anime ran for 126 episodes and five OVA episodes and ended in 2016. The ending episode of the second season of the anime corresponded to events that took place in Volume 46, Chapter 411 of the manga (the full series for Act 1 is actually 47 volumes). So far, Act 2 is only up to Chapter 112, but assuming Terajima does not take another long hiatus, he should release Chapter 150 by the end of 2018.

Unfortunately, that means the manga currently has a lot less source material for creating the third season of the Ace of Diamond anime. However, it’s still enough to create a multi-cour third season. Anime fans shouldn’t be too disappointed since manga readers would probably agree that the second act is way more thrilling.

In Act 2, the story begins in the year after the end of the Tokyo fall tournament from the last anime season. New anime characters will be added as freshmen join the team, but some fans’ favorite third-year characters will also be retiring and leaving in three months. What’s more, based on Chapter 50 of Act 2, Diamond no Ace Season 3 will feature the jersey numbers being reset and a new team will be formed for an upcoming championship.

It’s like a new beginning for the Seidou High School baseball team. They had not reached the Koshien nationals tournament run for six years when Eijun Sawamura first joined the club, but now the team will face new foes and new challenges in their race to the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament.

The biggest foe in the Spring Koshien is Komadai Fujimaki High, while Inashiro Industrial is the main competitor for the Tokyo Metropolitan Spring Tournament. While this article won’t reveal who wins these tournaments, let’s just say Seidou does well enough to be seeded in a qualifier for the 90th Summer Koshien.

Eijun continues to strive toward achieving his dream of becoming the ace and he’s no longer the unreliable pitcher he once was during his first year. The southpaw pitcher is slowly advancing toward becoming Seidou’s best, but he’s still fighting other first-stringers for the mound. Unfortunately, Sawamura faces a setback when he messes up his first pitch during the opening inning of Act 2. What’s more, Eijun is constantly overshadowed by Saturo Furuya, who is a monster on the field.

Furuya is Eijun’s ultimate rival since mangaka Terajima has always said Furuya is the one person Sawamura must surpass to become the ace. In a 2014 interview translated by Akari, the author said he wanted the two pitchers to have opposite personalities. While Eijun is loud (which makes for good comedy), Furuya is a quiet person. If Eijun uses a moving ball, Furuya will have a strong fastball.

If Eijun was a real person, Terajima said he would admire the aspiring ace for being uncompromising and always working hard, yet the author thinks his character would be a “very noisy person” in real life. Interestingly enough, the manga artist found it easier to draw Eijun when he was more “hot-tempered and straightforward,” but now that he’s cooled off, he’s become more difficult to illustrate.

Back in 2014, Terajima had not put much thought into the final ending of the Ace of Diamond manga, but it’s obvious he’s continuing his main plan for Act 2. The creator says that Eijun and Furuya’s relationship, and how they fight for the ace number, will connect to the final climax of the manga series.

At the beginning of Ace of Diamond Season 3, Eijun is still stuck at number 18, which just happens to be the position that Furuya held during the spring of Act 1. Furuya managed to work his way up to number one, so Eijun will have to challenge himself to do the same. Eijun will receive opportunities to shine, especially when Furuya puts Seidou in trouble and leaves Sawamura to clean up his mess. Baseball anime fans will just have to wait until the Diamond no Ace Season 3 release date to see how this rivalry plays out. Stay tuned!