The White House May Consider Funding Cops In Schools Program

In what may appear to be an about face, the White House is allegedly considering expanding funding initiatives in order to place police officers in schools. National Rifle Association (NRA) representative Wayne LaPierre was mocked by many on the left when he voiced a very similar suggestion in an effort to keep American school children safe while in the classroom.

Senator Barbara Boxer appears to be one of the Democrats warming to the idea of armed police officers making a routine appearance at schools across the nation. During an interview with the Washington Post, Senator Boxer had this to say about cops in schools:

“If a school district wants to have a community policing presence, I think it’s very important they have it.” Ninety percent of large, urban high schools already have SROs on duty; however, the majority of schools, especially at the elementary level, have no security at all.”

During the Bill Clinton years federal funding was offered to help cover the cost of placing resource officers in schools. Funding for the school safety program was reportedly cut over the past five years, Breitbart notes.

Although refreshing the school resource or safety officer program may alleviate some parental fears revolving around the protection of their children, the program does not address the concept of arming teachers. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, free concealed carry permit classes for teachers offered in multiple states were overflowing in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in Newton.

The school safety initiative may also include funding for surveillance equipment. Vice President Joe Biden is expected to relay his gun control recommendations to President Barack Obama on Tuesday. Gun Appreciation Day events are being held nationwide on January 19.