‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: New HoH, Eviction Target, And Julie Chen Throws Shade At Omarosa

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers overnight from the live feeds reveal there’s a new Head of Household in the CBB US house, plus Julie Chen talked smack last night about Omarosa Manigault and teased Zingbot’s appearance in this short season. Almost-Miss Universe Ariadna Gutiérrez won HoH, which was reportedly a mini-golf competition. Ariadna is wasting no time planning to put big targets up on the block and Brandi Glanville, her glam pal, is rooting for her to go for it.

Did Shannon Figure Out The Backdoor Plan?

On last night’s episode of Big Brother, fans saw Marissa decide not to use her veto power and let Keshia go home as requested. Ross was prepared to renom Shannon for a backdoor blind side, but they honored Keshia’s wishes to go but then were scared what might happen if Shannon won the HoH. Ariadna won instead, but judging by Shannon’s actions on the live feeds last night, it seems that she might know that her name was being tossed around by the HGs.

Immediately after Keshia’s live eviction, while the rest of the house hung out in the kitchen, Shannon went alone to lie down and seemed pensive until BB called her into the Diary Room. Omarosa reported to Ariadna and Marissa after the HoH comp that Shannon told her not to try for it and Brandi chimed in that Shannon was angry that Marissa won the PoV. As a super fan, it seems that Shannon might have pieced together some clues and knows she was a target at the last eviction.

Marissa Says God Gave Them HoH – Nomination Talk

According to live feeds info from Joker’s Updates, Marissa told Ariadna and the rest of the final four alliance of Ross, Ari, Marissa and Brandi that “God gave them the win” because they did the right thing by letting Keshia go home. Marissa said they couldn’t waste the HoH going after Omarosa who is no threat. Whether it was divine intervention or sheer luck, the F4 now has another chance to take out Shannon, but there is disagreement about going at her directly or via backdoor and blindside.

As of now, Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the house chatter is that Ariadna will nominate James and Shannon, both very strong players, so they are guaranteed they can take one out and the other will be left in a weakened position. Ross pushed for a pawn nomination of Metta and Omarosa with a backdoor, but Brandi advise Ari against this route and Ari said no way would she nominate Metta. It seems now that Metta has decided to finally play the game and is keen to take out Shannon.

Julie Throws Shade, Teases Zingbot

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last night after the eviction, Julie Chen called Keshia a “ball of emotion” and said the single mom considered staying for the good of her alliance but finally decided her daughter must take precedence. Julie also shared her suspicions about Omarosa’s asthma attack saying she felt like she “played up the severity” and “milked it from drama, attention, sympathy, and safety from eviction.”

Julie also said that Ross is “possibly the smartest one in the house” and could win it all. EW asked Julie if Zingbot would show up this year and she teased saying the insult bot might be getting a “yearly tune-up” or might be on vacation in “Florida for the winter.” The CBB US host then said she is “not sure” that the “celebrities can handle his zings” and she’s likely right. However, it wouldn’t be Big Brother without Zingbot, so we’ll see if he makes an appearance in the 12 days left.

Catch up on Brandi’s boozy antics during charades and use this schedule to set your DVR if you’re not already on auto-record so you don’t miss a moment. Tune into Big Brother: Celebrity Edition on CBS on Wednesday, February 14 at 8 p.m. to see Ariadna win the Head of Household comp and then come back Friday, February 16 for a two-hour episode that should include a live double eviction. Check back here often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, news, and updates.