Kim Kardashian Shares Bikini Photo And Talks 24-Inch Waist: Her Secrets To Slimming Down Revealed

Kim Kardashian recently stunned fans by showing off her “skinny” frame on Instagram. The Keeping Up With the Kardashian star is receiving praise for her trim tummy, but experts have criticized some of the methods she uses for keeping her waist so tiny.

As reported by People, Kim Kardashian boasts about her waist size in a new video on her website. The video was filmed last February during the first meeting of her book club, which was attended by a group of her friends and family members that included Kourtney Kardashian, Jen Atkin, and Chrissy Teigen. Instead of kicking things off by discussing an author’s body of work, Kourtney got the conversation started by commenting on Kim’s body.

Kourtney expressed amazement at how small Kim’s waist was in comparison to her hips, and this made the group curious about the younger Kardashian’s measurements. Chrissy Teigen guessed that her waist size was 23 inches, and she was almost correct. Kim Kardashian proudly informed her friends that she had whittled her waist down to 24 inches for the first time ever.

“It’s never been 24 ever in my life,” Kim said.

Kim Kardashian accomplished this feat after giving birth twice. The video was filmed in February 2017, a year and two months after her son Saint was born. She recently shared a revealing bathroom selfie that proves that she’s kept the weight off since then. In the snapshot, she’s posing in a skimpy black bikini.

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Kim Kardashian hasn’t revealed whether her waist is currently 24 inches, but many fans responded to her photo by commenting that she looks thinner now than she used to.

“You’re so skinny these days,” wrote one of her Instagram followers.

“You’ve lost so much weight but look fantastic…how did you do it??” another remarked.

Kim Kardashian shared a few of her weight loss secrets around the time the book club video was filmed. To get her waist measurement down to 24 inches, she used the controversial modern-day version of a corset known as a “waist trainer.” The day before Valentine’s Day 2017, she took to Instagram to show off her Waist Gang Society shaper. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, her promotional post included a snapshot of Kim working out in the stomach-squeezing garment.

“It gives me the extra boost that I need in the gym & keeps my waist snatched,” Kardashian wrote.

However, Dr. Lauren Streicher, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology and Northwestern University, recently told the Daily Mail that waist trainers do not make waists smaller, nor do they aid in weight loss. They can cause digestive issues and other health problems, and wearing them while working out can make breathing difficult. Kim Kardashian eventually deleted her Instagram post about hitting the gym while rocking a waist trainer, so it’s possible that she has changed her mind about the effectiveness of the weight loss fad.

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Last February, Kim Kardashian was also trying to trim down by working out in a “sweat suit,” a garment that resembles a garbage bag. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said that it would help her shed the 7 pounds she needed to lose to get down to her goal weight of 115 pounds. However, exercise physiologist Tom Holland told Health Magazine that sweat suits only provide temporary results. They cause wearers to lose water weight that returns as soon as they re-hydrate. Holland said that the suits are “horrible” not only because they don’t provide lasting results, but because they can cause organ failure and even death. Working out in a sweat suit for too long can lead to severe dehydration and dangerously elevate the body’s temperature, a condition known as hyperthermia.

Nowadays, Kim Kardashian seems to be taking a healthier approach to keeping her body looking its best. She’s working out with trainer Melissa Alcantara, and she’s decided that she’d rather look strong than skinny. The reaction to her latest bikini photo is evidence that her recent focus on building muscle is paying off. Even though she may no longer have a 24-inch waist, her fans clearly still think that she looks great.