Brooklyn Waitress Goes Nude For Her Last Shift

A waitress decided to make her last shift at a Brooklyn restaurant memorable by stripping naked and serving her customers.

Patrons at Roberta’s Pizza, which is located on 261 Moore Street, were stunned to see the scantily clad woman parading around the building, with many deciding to take photos of the incident as it unfolded.

These images have since gone viral, with one patron’s efforts, Vicky Oyomba, even featuring the caption, “So there definitely is a 95% naked waitress serving patrons at Roberta’s in #BK right now!!!”

In the photo you can see that the woman is only wearing a pair of boots, fishnet stockings and a server’s belt, plus she has the words, “Peace Out,” written across her back.

Oyamba also reportedly added that a huge cheer rang out through the establishment when she appeared, whilst Max Read, a journalist for Gawker, who also witnessed the scene reported, “We only caught the waitress, surrounded by customers taking photos, while walking out, stuffed with pizza and duck and pork, and when we asked we were told that Friday was her last day.”

However, Grub Street, New York magazine’s food and restaurant blog, was quick to note that this display of skin wasn’t acceptable under the New York City Health Code, stating ’employees who prepare or serve food products, or wash and sanitise equipment and utensils must wear clean outer garments.’

What do you think of the waitress’ actions? Do you find them nauseating? Would you have eaten the food if she’d served it to you?