Video: Dane Cook’s “Isolated Incident” peanut butter smack

Dane Cook is one of the most polarizing comedians on the internet.

Cook has a huge, rabid fanbase, and many people were up late last night watching a small show Cook did (30 attendees) first aired in May, entitled Isolated Incident. One of the most searched terms through the night was peanut butter smack, or alternately, peanut butter smack… how do you like me now, biznitch? Both terms refer to Cook’s story about surfing youporn, and a video he found disturbing and funny.

Personally, I don’t find Cook nearly as talented at Louis CK or Lewis Black, but he certainly appeals to a douchier younger crowd. You can watch the seven minute peanut butter smack clip below, but it would be worrying at this point if you’ve never been exposed to any Dane Cook- he’s everywhere. (NSFW language, humor and crude sexual references abound.)