‘Little People, Big World’: Jackson Roloff Is 9-Months-Old Today

The Little People, Big World fan favorite has just turned 9-months-old today. Baby Jackson Kyle Roloff continues to light up the world of his parents Zach and Tori as he turns another month older. Tori, as has been the family’s tradition, shared a couple of adorable photos of Jackson, along with some updates on their little bundle of joy.

The first thing Tori shared about Jackson is news about his teeth. Baby J now has six teeth, according to the proud mom. This means Jackson grew two more teeth since the previous month. Tori also said Jackson can now sit up on his own, especially on his new high chair. This is a huge leap for Jackson as he could only sit up for 20 seconds a month ago.

Baby J still loves eating and has been a lot more talkative in the past month though Jackson still only knows how to say, “Dada.”

Jackson started crawling when he turned 8-months-old, as People reported. These days, Jackson is on his way to becoming a total pro when it comes to crawling as evidenced by this video Grandpa Matt posted on social media a month ago.

According to Tori, Jackson is also “into everything.” His curiosity combined with his newfound penchant for crawling makes it necessary for Zach and Tori to baby proof their home.

...and we have a 9 month old. ???? Jackson has 6 teeth! ???? He is sitting up on his own. ???????? He is into everything and our house needs to be baby proofed ASAP ???? Jackson loves eating and got a new high chair that he can sit in by himself! ???????????????? He has been chatting a lot lately but really only knows “Dada” ???? He loves riding in his stroller. And we’re really thankful for nice weather to go on walks! ☀️ This month we got to go to the beach with our friend Brooklyn, and uncle J announced he’s getting married and J gets another aunt! ???????? This kid is so blessed and we fall more in love every day (I know I say that every time but it’s the truth). Keeping growing baby J! We love you! ???? #zandtpartyofthree #babyjroloff

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Jackson also enjoys riding in his stroller. According to Tori, they are fortunate the weather has been nice, allowing them to take Jackson out for strolls.

The young Roloff family doesn’t only go out for walks, they also love to go on mini vacations. The past month, Tori and Zach took Jackson to the beach. They went with their friend Brooklyn.

Perhaps the best news Tori, Jackson, and the rest of the Roloff family received in the past month was Jacob and Isabel’s engagement, which the young couple announced on January 27 via Instagram, as In Touch Weekly reported.

“Uncle J announced he’s getting married and J gets another aunt,” Tori said. “This kid is so blessed and we fall more in love every day (I know I say that every time but it’s the truth) Keeping [sic] growing baby J! We love you!”

You have no idea how blessed you are, kid. #babyjroloff

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Greetings and positive comments poured in as Tori’s followers couldn’t help but be amazed at how “stinkin cute” the “adorable little boy” is.

At least a couple of fans said they understand when Tori says she falls more in love with baby Jackson every single day. One follower, whose own baby is also 9-months-old but only has three teeth, said she totally gets “falling more in love every day.” She also said having a child is “such a fun adventure.” Another follower said her children are now teenagers but she still falls more in love with them each day.