Demi Lovato Announces World Tour, Many Fans Upset Over Locations

Although fans knew it was coming, Demi Lovato officially announced her Tell Me You Love Me World Tour last night on Instagram. The singer teased the announcement at the end of January by posting a photo of herself in white lingerie and telling fans that big news was coming soon.

It appears the big news is the inclusion of foreign countries in the new tour, as Demi highlighted the fact that she would be traveling the globe to share her music with everyone. In her first tour post last night, Demi shared the locations in which she’d be performing abroad.

Antwerp, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Cologne, Zurich, London, Paris, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, and Bologna are the 16 cities Demi will visit, which has left many fans upset.

Each city in Demi’s international tour is in Europe, leaving fans in Asia, South America, Australia, Central America, and Africa a little peeved. Some are noting it should have been called a European tour, and not a world tour.

The comment sections on Demi’s three world tour announcement posts today quickly filled up with pleas from fans wishing the singer would travel to their country. Lovatics from Columbia, Indonesia, Brazil, and countless others were upset their favorite singer would not be making an appearance in their native countries.

“WHAT ABOUT MEXICO?” one upset fan commented.


Some fans are holding out hope that Demi will soon release dates that cover more parts of the globe, but for now, it appears she will only be traveling throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The current tour dates for the Tell Me You Love Me World Tour are as follows:

  • San Diego, California — February 26
  • San Jose, California — February 28
  • Los Angeles, California — March 2
  • Las Vegas, Nevada — March 3
  • Phoenix, Arizona — March 4
  • Dallas, Texas — March 7
  • Leyden Township, Illinois — March 9
  • Hennepin County, Minnesota — March 10
  • Detroit, Michigan — March 13
  • Columbus, Ohio — March 14
  • New York, New York — March 16
  • Montreal, Quebec — March 17
  • Toronto, Ontario — March 19
  • Newark, New Jersey — March 21
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — March 23
  • Washington, D.C. — March 24
  • Suffolk County, Massachusetts — March 26
  • Nashville, Tennessee — March 28
  • Miami, Florid — March 30
  • Tampa, Florida — March 31
  • Antwerp, Belgium — May 29
  • Copenhagen, Denmark — May 30
  • Oslo, Norway — June 1
  • Stockholm, Sweden — June 2
  • Paris, France — June 4
  • Cologne, Germany — June 6
  • Zurich, Switzerland — June 7
  • London, United Kingdom — June 10
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom — June 12
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom — June 13
  • Manchester, United Kingdom — June 16
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands — June 18
  • Barcelona, Spain — June 21
  • Madrid, Spain — June 22
  • Lisbon, Portugal — June 24
  • Bologna, Italy — June 27

There is a large gap between Demi’s North American and European dates, which some fans are hoping will fill with dates in their home countries. The three posts by Demi are confusing Lovatics since the first photo’s caption mentioned Europe specifically, but the second noted it was a “world tour.” It’s highly likely Demi will announce dates in South America, Asia, and Austrailia soon.

Stay tuned to find out if Demi is expanding her “Tell Me You Love Me World Tour” locations.