‘This Is Us’ Fans Debate If Chrissy Metz Must Lose Weight To Show Kate Healing From Jack’s Death

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This Is Us star Chrissy Metz made TV history when she took off all her clothes — and earrings — to weigh herself as Kate. Metz has shared that many women have told her how much they identified with her character, who has struggled with her weight from childhood. This Is Us has earned praise for showing all three phases of Kate and her “big three” brothers Randall’s and Kevin’s lives: Childhood (with kids portraying the triplets), teen years (with teenagers taking on the roles), and adult (with Chrissy joined by Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley).

Even before their father Jack (played by Milo Ventimiglia) died, Kate was shown struggling with her weight. Her mother Rebecca (Mandy Moore) tried to get her daughter to diet as a child, while her father Jack couldn’t resist treating his deprived child to an occasional secret excursion for ice cream.

During her teenage years, Kate even succeeded in losing some of her excess pounds on a strict diet. But Jack’s death marks a turning point for the teenager. This Is Us makes it clear that after Jack’s heartbreaking death, Kate blames herself for the fact that he went back for her dog. She finds comfort in food once more, and even her boyfriend Toby’s love can’t seem to help Kate forgive herself and end her weight wars.

Kate Once Said It’s Always About The Weight

On Reddit, This Is Us fans have been debating about Kate and her weight. While some have expressed hope that the writers will show more of Chrissy Metz’s character than just her weight, others recalled how Kate once said that it would always be about her weight. That led to a discussion about whether Chrissy must lose weight in order to portray Kate moving on after Jack’s death.

“Food is clearly linked to [Kate’s] feelings about Jack’s death. What do you think it will take for Kate to stop blaming herself, to lose weight and move on with her life?”

The most popular responses came from This Is Us viewers who felt that Metz doesn’t need to lose weight to show Kate’s progress in her life. Because Randall was there when Jack ran back into the burning house to save the dog and memorabilia, one fan suggested that he could provide Chrissy’s character with the key to forgiveness. Randall could make it clear that Kate “never asked Jack to go back in to save the dog, much less all of those memorabilia,” pointed out the This Is Us fan.

Rebecca’s Role In Kate’s Weight Loss Struggles

But one This Is Us viewer commented on Kate’s early struggles with her weight.

“Kate had a problem with her weight before Jack’s death… Her weight only got worse after his death because she hated herself even more blaming herself for his death. She thrives on self-hate.”

During one episode of This Is Us, Chrissy’s character told a friend that even after losing weight, she felt unhappy. As a result, the This Is Us viewer contends that the person played by Metz has problems with her weight that go “much deeper than just Jack’s death.”


Others put the blame on Rebecca rather than Kate. During the scenes of the triplets’ childhood, Rebecca is shown forcing her young daughter to eat a grapefruit while her brothers eat sugary cereal. She also asked Jack to get his daughter to become more active, pointed out the This Is Us viewer.

“As much as I love Rebecca, I do feel like she has been a constant reminder in Kate’s life about her weight,” commented the fan.

“All of those comments [from Rebecca] have impacted [Kate] so greatly to be the person she is today — still self-doubting, still addicted to food.”

What does the future hold? The This Is Us producers have offered hints about whether Kate will win her weight loss wars.

Chrissy Metz has a contract that requires her to follow a weight loss plan on "This Is Us."
Chrissy Metz has a contract that requires her to follow a weight loss plan on "This Is Us."Featured image credit: Richard ShotwellInvision/AP Images

This Is Us Creator Talks Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Contract

People magazine reported that even though This Is Us has repeatedly shown Metz’s character eating fattening foods, Chrissy has been losing weight. But there are no specific weight loss numbers that she must achieve in her contract.

“[Chrissy Metz] may be contractually obligated to lose weight for her role on This Is Us, but how it happens is completely up to her.”

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman offered a clue that Metz’s character will be shown losing weight. The plot matches Chrissy’s weight loss plan thus far, he said. Dan plans to check in with Metz at regular intervals to discuss what the writers see for her character on This Is Us and how it applies to her weight.

“We will adjust the plan as needed,” added Fogelman. “That’s life, right?”

And that’s also This Is Us.