‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals One Secret Technique To Take Down Jiren The Grey

The Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power is now in its final minutes with only two surviving teams left – Universes 7 and 11. Unfortunately, there is only one warrior remaining in team U11 in the person of Jiren The Grey, the strongest Pride Trooper. In spite of being the last warrior, this doesn’t mean that the muscular humanoid warrior can be defeated with no trouble. Over the weekend, the hit anime series returned what can be considered one of the most heartbreaking episodes in DBS history. Android 17 was killed, but he left one smart technique to Goku and Vegeta on how to defeat Jiren.

During Dragon Ball Super Episode 127, the Universe 7 warriors continued to team up against Jiren The Grey. The prince of all Saiyans released a powerful punch, but the U11 fighter blocked it and told Vegeta that it was good enough to take down Toppo, but not great enough to defeat him. He then tried to counterattack and rubbed out Goku’s massive Kamehameha, but he was surprised by Android 17’s attack from behind, hitting him at point-blank range.

Sadly, Android 17 was beaten in the explosion, which was the result of his own attack against Jiren although he successfully left Jiren seemingly damaged. Apparently, the muscular humanoid warrior was fuming, which prompted him to retaliate.

The Universe 7 warriors realized that Jiren can be taken down if he is being hit unguarded by a massive attack as Android 17 did. According to Comic Book, the strategy now depends on Goku and Vegeta now that 17 had been eliminated despite the prince of all Saiyans being in danger of obliteration.

Despite Jiren’s immeasurable strength, the remaining Universe 7 warriors now have an idea on how to defeat him in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. If Goku and Vegeta would apply Android 17’s strategy against Jiren, then maybe it’s possible that they can take him down when he’s vulnerable enough. Of course, fans are still wondering to this date how the U7 fighters can beat the strongest Pride Trooper. Even Frieza, who taunted Jiren’s strength and power, wasn’t good enough to take him down. He still appears unscathed.

On the plus side, the resurrected villain in his Golden form was nowhere to be seen after trying to hit Jiren. He wasn’t mentioned either during the last few scenes in the latest episode, but that doesn’t mean the baddie has retreated that easily. Fans are certain that he’s got something big up his sleeves or Akira Toriyama has, to say the least.

There are only three minutes left in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. Who will survive?

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