Ashley Graham Boldly Breaks Another Barrier For Curvy Women

Model Ashley Graham made another grand entrance, drawing stares from audiences at this year’s New York Fashion Week. While her appearance at the hottest fashion shows isn’t new, the fact that Graham opened a show for the first time is something that is earning her even greater admiration from her fans worldwide. The model has often been outspoken about her desire to bring greater acceptance of curvy women to the fashion industry, so her recent runway walk was another win for that cause.

Ashley Graham Stuns in Silver and Red

As Daily Mail reports, the Christian Siriano show at New York Fashion Week started off with an eye-catching demonstration, one that placed Ms. Graham under a bright spotlight. She already had the audience’s attention simply by being the first model to walk the runway for that show and her outfit was bold enough to ensure no one missed that entrance. Graham took the runway in a bright red gown that hugged her curvy form, which was trimmed with glittering silver along the arms, neck, and chest. The silver trim also wrapped around at Ashley’s waist.

Later, Ashley took to the walkway in another red number from Christian Siriano, this time sporting a furry red coat that looked both warm and stylish with a matching red waist belt. As she walked, the opening in the coat revealed shiny vinyl boosts, also red with black trim, that reached far up to her thighs. Otherwise, Graham may have been nude beneath the coat.

Keeping with the color scheme, Ashley was also seen wearing another one of the designers latest inventions. The form-fitting red dress was thin and clung to her body, as she posed for photographers. The dress had thin shoulder straps and a V-neckline that dipped modestly.

What Does Ashley Graham Wear at Home? Nothing.

Opened for @csiriano tonight.. was truly a magical show Christian, congrats!

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The model’s life is of particular interest to her fans, who look to her as a positive role model and an inspiration. Giving them a glimpse into her personal life, Ms. Graham told Maxim that she often strips out of her clothes when at home. She explained that she just feels more comfortable when she can take her clothes off and go natural. She added that it also helps to keep her marriage to Justin Ervin alive with passion.

“We like to walk around the house naked together,” Ms. Graham confessed. “It keeps things fresh.”

Many of Ashley’s fans are also curvy women and some feel too inhibited to commit to such a lifestyle. While Ms. Graham accepts that, she says, for herself, it’s something that helps her unwind. She knows that most women and most models don’t share her attitudes about nudism, but, she says she feels more comfortable in general.

Ashley added that she would go nude all of the time if it were possible. Since she can’t do that, Ashley Graham says the next best thing is a good bikini.

“I feel like if I’m showing more of my body, and the bathing suit is less constricting, then it’s just more flattering.”