Miley Cyrus Shares New Images From Her Converse Campaign On Instagram

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has become known for not only her music, but also her fashion decisions. While there is no doubt that the singer has a very unique and even diverse sense of fashion, in her new campaign with Converse, it seems that Cyrus is showing off her love for color and style. In a series of photos posted to her Instagram account, Miley Cyrus shared some of the new looks that fans can expect to see from her collaboration with Converse.

According to the Daily Mail, the singer first posted the pictures to Instagram on February 10. With more than one distinct color on display, as well as some black and white images, it looks as if Miley Cyrus is going for a rainbow look when it comes to her Converse collection.

In the first set of pictures posted by Cyrus, there are no shoes shown. However, the singer can be seen wearing a bright yellow colored shirt, as well as yellow tinted glasses. While the first picture shows the singer looking rather seriously at the camera, in the second picture she can be seen baring her teeth. The next set of pictures posted by the singer offer two different looks. First, there is a simple black pair of Converse sneakers, along with a black outfit and plaid top. Then in the second image, Miley Cyrus shows off a pair of bright red sneakers.

Much more to come! ???????????? Miley X @Converse

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With each costume change, it becomes clear that when it comes to the new collaboration between Converse and Cyrus, there is a look for every pair of shoes. No matter which color was on display on Instagram, whether it was the red or the blue, there was a sneaker for each occasion. Along with the images themselves, Miley Cyrus also captioned the different posts with a message saying that there was “more to come,” even adding hearts to match the colors in the pictures. Not only did she share images from the official campaign, but Cyrus even posted selfies wearing her own Converse sneakers, letting her followers know that they would be able to get their own very soon.

The photos and apparent commercial that go along with the Converse campaign were originally filmed back in November, and while images from the shoot surfaced at the time, with these new images being released by Cyrus on her Instagram account, it seems as if fans may be able to get their hands on these sneakers relatively soon. At the same time, it is likely that the official campaign will also be launched in the very near future, giving people a taste of what Converse and Miley Cyrus collaborated on.