Prince Harry And William’s ‘The Last Jedi’ Cameos Reportedly Cut Because Of Their Height, ‘Daily Mail’ Says

Prince Harry and Prince William could have made it into the final edit of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The two royal brothers shot their cameos as stormtroopers but their scene was reportedly cut because they were too tall, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the Daily Mail, stormtroopers have to be five feet, 11 inches tall. Prince Harry is two inches taller than that at 6-foot-1, while William is an inch taller than his younger brother.

“Everyone feels bad that William and Harry lost out on their big moment,” an alleged source told the Daily Mail. “However, the scene just didn’t work for the final cut so it was left out.”

The scene was apparently shot in an elevator and one of the stormtroopers played by the brothers slaps Benicio Del Toro’s butt as his character tries to secretly enter a military base along with Rey and Finn.

But, although Princes William and Harry’s acting debut was left on the cutting room floor, their fellow actors say that they had fun with the royals on set. Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO called them charismatic. John Boyega told ITV that the second and fifth in line to the British throne weren’t intimidating on set. But the actor who plays Finn got in some hot water after he seemed to suggest that the scene was cut because the princes can’t act.

As the Telegraph notes, Wookies can grow to be taller than six feet, so maybe there’s a chance that Prince William and Harry can appear in the third movie of the current Star Wars trilogy. Only time will tell.

Will and Harry were reportedly informed that their scene wasn’t in the movie at The Last Jedi’s London premiere at The Royal Albert Hall in December. But, the Daily Mail’s source said that they took the news in stride and enjoyed the event anyway. They also weren’t the only famous names cut out of the film, as Ellie Goulding’s scene was allegedly left out as well. She was slotted to play a rebel army soldier, so she would have been an enemy to Prince William and Harry’s characters.

While it ended up being one of the more divisive movies within the Star Wars fandom, The Last Jedi did well at the box office. According to Forbes, it made $1.31 billion in global ticket sales, even without a pair of royal cameos.