Missing And Pregnant 27-Year-Old Kara Blevins: Single Mom Of Two Girls Is Missing As Facebook Photos Go Viral

Kara Blevins is missing and her family is very worried about the pregnant, 27-year-old single mother of two girls. As reported by CBS Minnesota, Kara was last spotted on Friday, February 2, in Akeley – a very small town in Hubbard County, Minnesota. In 2010, the census counted the population of Akeley as only 432 people. The town is approximately 200 miles north of St. Paul.

As seen in the below Facebook posts that are spreading the word about Kara’s disappearance, the blue-eyed Blevins most likely did not have her phone with her, nor a car or money when she disappeared. The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office also believes Kara didn’t have extra clothing beyond the winter coat and scarf she wore walking on Howard Lake Road at approximately 5 p.m. when she went missing.

With reddish-blonde hair, Kara is the subject of several Facebook posts from family and friends who are worried about the missing woman who disappeared after leaving her mother’s home. Candace Reams, Kara’s friend, posted the below updates on Facebook, which noted that while Blevins was reported missing on Monday, February 5, there have been no updates as to Kara’s whereabouts or the missing and pregnant mom’s status since that time.

Candace wrote on Facebook that Kara is pregnant, in the post from February 8, with Blevins’ friend noting that something is “not right.”

Kara Blevins’ own Facebook page shows plenty of photos of the woman who describes herself as “a single mother of 2 beautiful little girls whom I love to the moon and back.” Candace urges others to contact the Hubbard County Sheriff at 218-732-3331 or to message Kena Rochelle and to share the Facebook photos of Kara to help the pregnant mom come home safely.

Candace updated Facebook on Saturday, February 10, writing that there were no new solid leads or updates.

“Everything ends the night she went missing (Friday February 2nd). All of the surrounding counties have been involved and it’s now gaining state wide attention. At this point we can only believe she could be anywhere.

Again, THANK YOU all for continuing to share this, for your endless prayers, and support. WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL SHE IS FOUND.”

Kara’s most recent Facebook post shows her with Scott Abernathey, including words about missing a person and not being able to wait until they come home.