Justin Timberlake Defies The Critics After Super Bowl Halftime 'Disaster'

Daryl Deino

The critics seem to have it out for Justin Timberlake, no matter how hard he tries. It's safe to say that whether deserved or not, the rollout for his album Man of the Woods has been somewhat of a disaster. First, there is the album itself, which has earned, for the most part, poor reviews. Pitchfork was the harshest.

"Justin Timberlake's fifth album is a huge misstep for the pop star. It is warm, indulgent, inert, and vacuous."

After reading the bad reviews of his album, it's possible that Timberlake thought that his Super Bowl halftime show would receive accolades. As excited as the audience was at the actual performance, the positive vibes just didn't transfer to those viewing on their television sets, smartphones, and computers. First, there were the audio problems that Entertainment Weekly lamented.

"Hey, Justin, it's hard to dance-dance-dance when we can't hear-hear-hear what you're saying! Justin Timberlake was so busy bringing sexy back during his Super Bowl Halftime show that somebody failed to notice the pop star's sound mix was positively filthy."

According to Billboard, Man of the Woods is headed for No. 1 on the album charts.

"Prognosticators suggest the pop star's latest effort, which was released on Feb. 2 through RCA Records, could launch atop the chart with around 300,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending Feb. 8," says columnist Keith Caulfield, adding that Justin is about to score his fourth No. 1 album in a row.

Then, there is the single "Say Something," a duet with Chris Stapleton which has been a big success. It debuted at No. 9 on Billboard's Hot 100, and unlike previous singles from Timberlake this past month, it definitely had legs. It is still No. 7 on iTunes as of Saturday morning. The song continues to gain airplay.

Perhaps by the time Timberlake starts his world tour in March, things will be more settled. So far, there haven't been any reports of bad ticket sales. And Timberlake has always been an exceptional performer. So far, 2018 may not be Timberlake's year, but it's possible that it won't end up an awful one either.