L.A. County District Attorney Is Now Reviewing A Sexual Misconduct Case Against Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is no stranger to allegations of sexual misconduct. Long before Harvey Weinstein’s alleged atrocities became public, Seagal had been accused of sexually abusing women, even dating back to 1993 when former actress Regina Simons accused the action star of raping her at his home in Beverly Hills. An article in Playboy Magazine in 1996 brought to light a purported history of devious behavior against female staffers which included his housekeeper. And in 2010, actress Jenny McCarthy said Seagal had asked her to take off her clothes during an audition for Under Siege 2. Those cases, as well as claims made by Katherine Heigl and Portia de Rossi, began the long-awaited descent of the action star into what could become the legal battle of his life as the Los Angeles County District Attorney is now reviewing a 2005 sexual misconduct case against Seagal.

The Beverly Hills Police Department handed the case over to the prosecutors on January 31, but the District Attorney’s office has not revealed which claim they are currently reviewing. Although Regina Simons and Dutch model Faviola Davis filed reports with the Beverly Hills Police Department in early January, those cases occurred before 2005. After being accused, Seagal defended himself on Alex Jones’ Info Wars, calling the accusations “a complete tragedy.” The actor went on to say that it wasn’t just him being accused, and that it was happening to hundreds of people around the world, many of whom were innocent.

Steven Seagal In NYC In 1999

In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that eliminates statutes of limitations on rape cases, but the law only applies to rapes that have occurred after January 1, 2017. The preceding law required the prosecution of a felony sex offense to happen within 10 years of the commission of the crime, but that doesn’t mean Seagal is off the hook, especially since the age of his alleged victim is unknown. The previous law states that “prosecution for the crimes of rape, sodomy, lewd or lascivious acts, continuous sexual abuse of a child, oral copulation, and sexual penetration, if committed against a victim who was under 18 years of age, may be commenced at any time prior to the victim’s 40th birthday.”

So far, there has been no comment from Seagal, and attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful. The complaints have not stymied Seagal’s career as the actor recently completed production on a film he wrote and produced titled Attrition. The actor was previously a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana, but he resigned rather than face an Internal Affairs investigation after allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault.