WWE News: Tim Tebow Talks About Joining XFL Or Working With WWE, Names Favorite Wrestlers

While football and baseball star Tim Tebow isn’t part of the WWE and never played in the original XFL, he’s left the door open to potentially working with either of these organizations. He’s also become a more recent fan of professional wrestling and has some favorite legends of the ring. Here’s the latest on what Tebow had to say with regard to Vince McMahon’s WWE wrestling organization or the possibility of him joining the XFL in 2020.

In a recent SI Off the Board podcast interview with Jimmy Traina, multi-sport athlete Tim Tebow was asked about professional wrestling and his plans for the future. Tebow, who currently is part of one of the New York Mets’ farm teams, seems focused on his current sport of baseball, although he wouldn’t mind doing something with WWE. He said he became a fan of the product as he got older and is friends with “some of the guys.” That probably includes fellow Florida Gators star Titus O’Neil as seen in one of Tebow’s Instagram photos (below).

Tebow also praised the WWE superstars’ talent in terms of acting or putting in the hard work it takes to entertain in the ring. When asked about his favorite superstars, Tebow was quick to name off Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

It was brought up that Vince McMahon specifically said in a press conference that Tim Tebow is a player they’d want to join the XFL. Tebow said he’d heard about it too but didn’t seem quick to take the opportunity. He didn’t dismiss it either but mentioned his biggest focus at the moment.

“That’s very nice of him, but 2020 is a long way from now. I’m focused on today, I’m focused on spring training and a lot of things before that. I’m not even close to thinking about that right now.”

When further asked if he was giving a “Yes” or “No” answer, Tebow said, “What if it’s an ‘I have no idea?’ That’s in 2020 and I’m super excited about baseball.”

Tebow has been part of the New York Mets organization since September of 2016 and has played for several of their minor league teams. He’s managed to impress fans, analysts, and the team powers that be, which has led to the Mets saying he’d get an invite to their major league camp. That means Tebow could be starring as part of the Mets’ roster soon.

While he hasn’t ruled out a stint in the XFL, he also quickly said if Vince McMahon ever wanted him to cut a promo for WWE, he’d be more than happy to. The WWE has been known to feature a few sports personalities in the ring from time to time, and Tebow has said he can cut a good promo. Perhaps Tim Tebow is on his way to becoming a triple threat in sports entertainment with stints in professional football, baseball, and wrestling all added to his resume.

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