NRA Says Biden Panel Is All For Show: Part Of An Obama Power Grab

The NRA is steaming mad over the posturing by the left and endless insults being hurled their way by advocates of gun control. Instead of focusing on the real issues behind the violence that took the lives of 20 children and six school teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has turned into an exercise in the demonization of a legitimate and quite popular organization. Today the NRA spoke out again and slammed the Biden panel on gun violence as a political show designed to conceal an unconstitutional power grab being planned by the Obama Administration.

On Tuesday of this week, the NRA sat down with the Biden Panel to discuss the causes of the extreme violence in America and to find possible solutions. The NRA left the meetings more frustrated than ever, saying the country’s oldest civil rights organization was “disappointed with how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment.”

Since the moment the tragedy occurred in Newtown, the NRA has been the prime target of liberals, Democrats and gun control fanatics everywhere. Critics of the American way of life from loud mouthed Michael Moore to know it all British talking head Piers Morgan have joined the fray, issuing provocative statements using highly insulting language that basically accused the NRA of advocating murder for supporting the Second Amendment. Today, NBC’s Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough, joined the attack, calling the NRA, “liars.” and accusing many Americans of being paranoid survivalists who think the government is coming for “your chickens and your wives.”

Supporters of the NRA and the Second Amendment have been skeptical about Obama’s choice of Joe Biden to head the gun violence panel from day one. Well known in Washington for his gaffes and his highly partisan bullying, Biden was given an ‘F’ by the NRA for his relentless assault on the Second Amendment and his constant attempts to limit gun ownership by law abiding American Citizens.

Yesterday, Vice President Biden alarmed many citizens, including those who do not own guns or even care about gun ownership, with another statement advocating for the inappropriate use of an Executive Order on a Constitutional Issue:

“The president is going to act. Executive order, executive action that can be taken; we haven’t decided what that is yet. But we’re compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action, we believe, is required.”

Executive Orders, which have been the tool of choice for Presidents to ignore the will of Congress on an ever increasing basis since the days of Bill Clinton and Bush the Younger, were never intended to be used for issues that affect the Constitution of the United States. Properly used, Executive Orders are issued “in pursuance of certain Acts of Congress” to assist the Congress in the passage and implementation of legislation; not to create new meaning for the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights. Our Nation’s founding document can only be changed by a two–thirds majority in the House and Senate and ratification by three-quarters of the legislatures of the fifty states.

One thing is certain; If the President decides to take the dictatorial and unprecedented step of using an Executive Order to limit the rights of Americans under the Second Amendment, there will be a major Constitutional crisis in our nation and dozens of challenges will be submitted to the Supreme Court. The cynics among us say this would suit Obama just fine. Several of the Justices are quite elderly, including two of the most prominent Conservatives on the Supreme Court and the longer this crisis drags on, the greater the chance Obama will be able to stack the court with ultra liberal judges who will rubber stamp his every decision.

Many level headed Americans fear we are headed for our first imperial Presidency. One might wonder if it is a coincidence that Democratic Congressman José Serrano recently reintroduced legislation to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and allow Obama to run for a third term. As they say in the movies, Conservatives: Be afraid, be very afraid.

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