‘Project Runway All Stars’ 2018 Recap: Episode 6 — Thrown For A Loop By Betty Boop

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The designers on Project Runway All Stars 2018 had a special guest tonight — Betty Boop, who served as the inspiration on this challenge. It was all about being sexy on Project Runway All Stars Season 6 tonight, but who got eliminated on tonight’s episode? Find out the Episode 6 results from tonight below in our Project Runway All Stars spoilers.

Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 6, the designers took on superheroes, as they had to create an elegant, high-fashion look that celebrated their woman’s superhero. Viewers saw Ken, Anthony, and Fabio forming a tight bond and calling themselves the “sister wives.” It was a good week for them, as they ended up with the top three looks for the week and Fabio won the challenge. It was not such a good week for Amanda and Merline, who both ended up in the bottom two. In the end, the judges decided to send Amanda home.

The Challenge

Alyssa Milano was joined on the runway by Betty Boop, who was the inspiration for this challenge. The designers had to create an attention-grabbing outfit for the modern-day Betty Boop. The winning look would get to create a collection to be sold on Torrid.com and in select Torrid stores. They had a $200 budget and one day for this challenge.

Let The Fun Begin

The designers got the chance to sketch their looks. Everyone seemed to be working with each other on ideas except for Joshua. It was then time to go shopping at Mood and then back to the workroom to get down to business. All of the designers on Project Runway All Stars 2018 appeared to be using bright and fun fabrics, except for Edmond, who chose a psychedelic print. However, he switched it up before getting too far into it.


Anne’s Critiques

Anne Fulenwider came in for her critiques of the designers’ looks tonight. For Char, she said she was feeling more “sock hop” with the dress. She said it was a lot of fabric for Stanley’s dress and Fabio needed sex appeal. She thought Kimberly’s look was a bathrobe and Ken’s look was classy. Anne liked the fabric that Edmond was not going to use. She thought Joshua’s look was going street. Anne was not seeing the young Hollywood in Helen’s design. Anne thought they all needed to make their looks more modern and young.

Time For Sex Appeal

The designers got back to work on their looks, as they needed to make them more sexy. Char was struggling with the neoprene and getting it to drape, even though it is not meant to drape. The models came in for their fitting and Edmond decided to switch back to the print fabric, so he is making another dress. Joshua spent the whole day making this printed shirt, so he has to finish a skirt the next day, as Day 1 came to an end.

Runway Day

The designers came into the workroom and Joshua had a ton of work to do. Edmond had a dress for his model, but she didn’t even try it on yet and he was nervous. They all got their looks together and on their models, as the time ran out.


Judges’ Critiques

After the runway show, it was time for the judges to give their feedback. The judges tonight were Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi, and guest judge Rebecca Minkoff. The top and bottom looks tonight came from Stanley, Merline, Joshua, Char, Edmond, and Helen.

  • Helen – Georgina loved the neckline and ease of the skirt. Isaac said she struck a good balance this week. Rebecca said the silhoutte is fantastic. Alyssa loved the lines on top.
  • Merline – Georgina wondered if she knew who Betty Boop was. Isaac said it does not feel like young Hollywood. Rebecca said it looks like she spent no time on the back.
  • Edmond – Alyssa said the fabric hurt him. Georgina said she likes the idea of dresses like this. Isaa said it is not youthful to him.
  • Joshua – Isaac said he likes his look a lot. Rebecca said there are so many layers to this and it celebrates her figure. Alyssa said it feels young, but not chic.
  • Char – Alyssa loved the color of the dress, but that is it. Rebecca said it looks like something out of a freshman competition.
  • Stanley – Georgina said it gave her the feel of vintage Betty Boop, but more modern. Rebecca loved the neck. Alyssa thought it was young and chic, but not sexy. Isaac thought it was sexy though.


The winning look from tonight came from Joshua. The bottom two designers tonight were Char and Edmond, but it was Char eliminated tonight.


Project Runway All Stars 2018 airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime.