‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Brandi Crosses Lines, Makes Anti-Semitic Gestures And Fondles Omarosa

Last night on 'CBB US' live feeds, charades took a twisted turn as a drunken houseguest got offensive.

Last night on 'CBB US' live feeds, charades took a twisted turn as a drunken houseguest got offensive.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds promise that Brandi Glanville did a bit more than get too talkative about strategy while she was boozing in the CBB US house last night. When the houseguests sat down to play a friendly game of charades, everything was fine until it came around to Brandi’s turn and she acted out a movie using anti-Semitic clues and offended the other guests in the Big Brother house. But no one was more offended (and rightfully so) than Marissa Jaret Winokur, the target of Brandi’s anti-Semitism.

Check Out Last Night’s Live Feeds

To see Brandi’s awful antics for yourself, you can go to CBS All Access and use the flashback function on the live feeds. Choose February 7 on the calendar and go back to 9:25 p.m. All four cameras were tuned to the living room since everyone was there playing along. You can switch camera feeds to see who said what, but it’s all summarized here.

Big Brother Network also noticed and tweeted the misstep. It’s important to note that Brandi was drinking all evening (not that it’s an excuse) and also that the movie name she was acting out for charades was Jumanji. She didn’t draw the name from a bowl – that’s the movie she chose for herself and decided to present and this is what she did.

Brandi Takes Center Stage, Gets Offensive

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers showed that Brandi stood up front and told the other houseguests more than once to stop talking and said, “Okay be quiet” to command their attention. Then she indicated that it was a movie with one word and then gave the signs for acting out the first syllable and that it was small. Then everything went downhill.

Brandi pointed at Marissa’s nose, and everyone guessed nose. Finally, Marissa said “Yenta” and then Brandi came over and picked up Marissa’s hair and gestured at it. Marissa and others began guessing hair-themed movies like Hairspray or Shampoo. Brandi didn’t give up and decided to stick with her religious angle, but changed tactics.

Anti-Semitic Charades Continued

CBB US spoilers from the feeds then showed that Brandi began genuflecting to indicate Christianity then threw her arms up in an “x” symbol. That had the others guessing atheist, and when she kept on, someone finally said Jewish, and that’s when Marissa’s head snapped around in shock.

Marissa exclaimed, “Did you give me a big nose, you b*tch?”

Even with Marissa’s obviously offended reaction, Brandi didn’t stop. She smiled to encourage the person that guessed Jewish and indicated they should shorten the word. Marissa got even more upset and said, “That’s okay” and repeated the word “Jew” two times then added, “Holy f*ck” directed towards Brandi who still didn’t stop. James guessed Jumanji and laughed.

CBB US's Brandi Glanville

Houseguests Shocked

James was laughing and didn’t seem too horrified. Omarosa, Metta, and Keshia weren’t easily seen on camera to gauge their reactions. But you could see the other Celebrity Big Brother houseguests, and they were stunned at what Brandi had done. Ross had his hands over his mouth in shock and Chuck put a pillow over his face. Shannon had her hands over her mouth in horror. Ariadna gave Marissa a supportive hug and held her tight.

Mark joked, “There’s the first viral GIF for the season.”

Marissa looked at Brandi and asked, “Did you really?” then added, “That’s not right.”

To try and end the awkwardness, Marissa encouraged James to get up and take his turn as Mark added that the game “just got real weird.”

Brandi was unrepentant and said, “I know my audience.”

CBB US Marisa and Ariadna

Drunken Antics, Squash Sex, And Fondling

As the rest of the evening progressed, Brandi’s behavior continued to deteriorate, despite repeated warnings by other women in the house to watch her step. As if anti-Semitic charades wasn’t bad enough, Brandi later simulated sex with a squash. And it wasn’t all hands-off action either. Just before Brandi did her inappropriate charade, she put her hands on Omarosa.

Brandi could be seen on the live feeds smacking the ex-White House staffer on the rear several times, and Omarosa asked if she just “hit my booty,” and Brandi said yes. Omarosa said “Pastor don’t” referring to her preacher husband, then made a dismissive gesture toward Brandi and said they needed to “pray for her.” Brandi laughed and said, “Forgive me,” but the touching was clearly unwelcome.

CBB US Omarosa, Keshia and Brandi

Bigger Targets In The Game

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition spoilers reveal that it’s lucky for Brandi, even though she’s painted a big target on herself, the women have the numbers. On the live feeds today, Shannon remarked that keeping Brandi is wise since they can use her as a human shield because she’s upset so many people. Brandi didn’t seem to remember her actions of the night before, and Mark told her there are a lot of people to whom she should apologize.

Be sure to tune in tonight to see the reveal of Keshia winning the Head of Household takeover advantage, Chuck and James being nominated, and more action leading up to the veto competition. There’s a live eviction coming Friday night, so don’t miss a moment! Be sure to check out new pics from the most recent HoH competition, a massive slideshow of CBB US promo photos, and the lingering question of a 12th houseguest.

Watch CBS tonight for the next episode of CBB and check back for more Celebrity Big Brother U.S. spoilers.