Hope Hicks Wrote Boyfriend Rob Porter’s Domestic Abuse Response, Says CNN White House Reporter Jeremy Diamond

Hope Hicks was famous as a $180,000-per-year White House employee who favored wearing super-short skirts, according to writer Michael Wolff, and recently gained more fame when Hope was caught kissing Rob Porter, as reported by the Inquisitr. However, when recent reports about Porter and his ex-wives emerged, with Colbie Holderness claiming that Rob punched and choked her — and Jennifer Willoughby also claiming verbal and physical abuse — Porter soon issued his resignation from his White House role.

Now a new report from CNN correspondent Jeremy Diamond claims that the White House Communications Director who is Hope had a hand in helping the former White House Staff Secretary who is Rob create his statement that represented Porter’s response to the explosive Daily Mail domestic abuse allegations. With fallout from the testimony of both ex-wives, along with Porter’s ex-girlfriend who dated him when he began dating Hope — described as a woman living with Rob who was living in fear — social media is reeling over the report that Hicks helped Rob reply to the multiple domestic abuse allegations against him.

The notion that Hicks would use her skills as a White House communications director to defend a man who is her boyfriend respond to women he has allegedly harmed isn’t sitting well with women online.

As seen in the above tweet from Diamond, his report claiming Hicks helped her boyfriend write his domestic abuse allegations response has gone viral, with more than 5,000 comments received for the tweet that was published on Wednesday, February 7.


As seen in the below tweet from CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny, Rob’s statement claimed that the allegations made against Porter by his ex-wives were “outrageous” and “simply false.”

In spite of the allegations against Rob, certain folks on Capitol Hill are standing behind Porter. According to the Hill, Senator Orrin Hatch urged Porter not to resign.

The statement from Porter is confusing some folks writing about the matter on Twitter, with people wondering why Rob’s statement would call the domestic abuse charges “vile claims” and part of a “coordinated smear campaign,” but would still resign from his White House role based on what he called false claims of abuse.