Hope Hicks And Rob Porter Seen Kissing After Porter’s ‘Willowy Blonde’ Ex Found Text Messages

Hope Hicks, President Donald Trump’s 29-year-old White House Communications Director, has really stepped out of the shadows in her role this year, after flying relatively under the radar in previous years. Earning nearly $180,000 per year, the former model was featured bigly in Michael Wolff’s controversy tome, wearing hard-to-maneuver-in short skirts and allegedly being told by Trump she was the “best piece of tail” that his married former campaign manager would ever have, reports the Inquisitr.

Now new information about Hope’s rumored new beau is making news. According to the Daily Mail, Hope was spotted kissing White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who is 38 years of age. As seen in the photos below, Hope and Rob were photographed after dining at Rosa Mexicano Restaurant in D.C.

Hicks and Porter didn’t sit together at a cozy table, but upon leaving they grabbed a cab that traveled in the direction of Hicks’ apartment, and Rob was seen kissing Hope’s neck in the vehicle before they both entered Hope’s apartment. Porter previously lived in Arlington, Virginia, with a woman who broke up with Rob upon finding suggestive text messages with Hope. Being called a new “power couple” in D.C., the romance between Porter and Hicks is no longer under wraps after their dinner with Ivanka Trump, Josh Raffel (Jared Kushner’s spokesman), and others went viral due to the fireworks captured on camera.

Besides a steamy romance, Hope is in the middle of her own political controversy. As Vanity Fair asks if Hicks could be the one to bring down Trump, as renewed interest in Hope swells in the midst of Robert Mueller’s investigation, others are asking the same.

According to VICE News, Hope’s alleged words about Don Jr.’s emails could get her in very big trouble. Hope might be blamed for obstructing justice due to allegedly concealing emails, claiming that the emails between Donald Trump Jr. and Russians would never see the light of day.

In the meantime, Porter allegedly broke up with a “willowy blonde Trump political appointee” when she found the text messages between her man and Hicks. Hope reportedly broke up with her boyfriend of six years soon after joining Trump’s campaign, before her controversial alleged relationship with Trump’s former campaign manager caused tongues to wag. Now Hope and Porter are making news after a recent church visit. Rob is Mormon while Hope is Roman Catholic.