Washington Wizards Actively Shopping Marcin Gortat — Eyes DeAndre Jordan

Washington Wizards’ center Marcin Gortat could be on the move, according to a report by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. The Wizards’ target is Los Angeles Clippers’ star DeAndre Jordan.

As several NBA teams look to try and improve their clubs for the long-term or the interim, the Washington Wizards have joined the fray. News that the Wizards were engaging trade discussions comes less than 24 hours before the trade deadline. When the dust settles, the Wizards’ roster may have a slightly altered look.

There is still plenty of time for the Washington Wizards to make a move or two in an effort to improve their playoff hopes. Dealing Marcin Gortat, who is still a viable low post presence appears to be the Wizards’ best chance at acquiring an upgrade.

Having an interest in DeAndre Jordan is sensible for the Washington Wizards. They are currently sitting with the fourth-best record in the Eastern Conference. However, despite their position in the standings, the Wizards are only 3.5 games from being on the outside looking in of the postseason picture.

The Wizards are already dealing with the fact that they will be without all-star John Wall for at least five more weeks due to a knee procedure (courtesy of Bleacher Report). While the Wizards have not lost much ground in the Eastern Conference standings with John Wall sidelined, adding a key reinforcement helps.

John Wall cannot help the Washington Wizards while he is out of the lineup. Marcin Gortat could also assist the Wizards without playing in a game.

It is a possibility that the Washington Wizards have already offered Marcin Gortat to the Los Angeles Clippers in a trade for DeAndre Jordan. Given the reports that the Wizards are in the running for Jordan’s services, Gortat is a starting point in any negotiations with the Clippers. However, it will take more than Marcin Gortat to pry DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers.

If acquired, DeAndre Jordan would give the Washington Wizards an upgrade to their roster in the middle of a playoff push.

Another Wizards’ player would have to be added to a potential trade for the Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan. A first-round draft pick is something else that the Wizards must part with.

Giving up Marcin Gortat and a draft pick is perhaps the easiest assets for the Washington Wizards to trade. Determining which young player to offer the Los Angeles Clippers for DeAndre Jordan is a different matter.

Forward Kelly Oubre is an obvious choice for the Clippers to mention in trade discussions. Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre, and a first-round pick would be a great haul for the Clippers. The Wizards are high on Oubre’s ceiling and will look to hold onto him.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Kurt Helin, the Washington Wizards may look to offer Tomas Satoransky in a trade proposal for DeAndre Jordan.

Satoransky is a versatile guard with a high ceiling. His status with the Wizards will continue to be as a reserve. Playing behind John Wall and Bradley Beal, Satoransky will not realize his potential with the Wizards. On the Clippers, however, it could be a different story.

There is a potential trade that can take place between the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers for DeAndre Jordan and Marcin Gortat. It would take for the Wizards to give up additional assets, such as a first-round draft and a young player. With the Wizards’ interest in trading Gortat, there could be a match between the two teams.

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