Melania Trump Had Ghosts And Demons Cleansed From White House Claims Pastor — Some Online Say They Missed One

A new report coming from a pastor claims Melania Trump arranged for the White House to be cleansed of all demons and ghosts during a five-hour time span on the day of Trump’s inauguration. As you might imagine, some folks on social media are having a field day with this bit of rumored news coming from Pastor Paul Begley.

For starters, there are a few people commenting that Melania’s White House exorcism didn’t work and they use the fact that Donald Trump is still in the White House for their punch line. Others called this straight out “B.S.” as this report was just too way over-the-top for even the Trump administration.

One Twitter user tweeted, “As much as I love hearing all the crazy stuff coming out of the Trump White House, I’m gonna have to call bulls–t on this one.” This pastor’s report seems to go beyond entertaining for some folks and into the realm of literally being “unbelievable.”

Begley offered up all his “information” but he didn’t mention just how he knew this. He didn’t seem to offer anything that sounded like evidence, only that there was a five-hour gap in between one first family vacating the White House and the other first family moving in. That information is online due to an amazing transformation that occurred during that time span, but it was of this world.

So who is Begley and why has he suddenly emerged with this story? According to Right Wing Watch, Begley is a “Right-Wing pastor” and the host of the program Coming Apocalypse. He happened to make his alleged exorcism claims while appearing on Sheila Zilinsky’s Weekend Vigilante podcast.

One person on Twitter quips that this would explain why Melania waited all those months to move into the White House. According to the White House History website, there are ghost stories coming out of the White House, but they are more about historical figures from yesteryear and not “demons.”

There are stories of Mary Todd Lincoln, who was grieving over her son’s death when she began to participate in spirit circles or seances in the White House’s Red Room. Willie Lincoln, the son that died, was reportedly seen in ghostly form in the White House, which is where he died. Then there are reports of Andrew Jackson’s “guttural laugh” being heard coming from the Rose Room.

One claim, in particular, has been made by some prominent heads of state and that is Abraham Lincoln’s ghost was seen at the White House. According to White House History, “Abraham Lincoln appears in the Lincoln Bedroom and Yellow Oval Room. First Lady Grace Coolidge, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands claim to have seen Lincoln.”

William Henry Harrison was the first president to die in the White House and some say he haunts the attic. From Thomas Jefferson reportedly heard playing his violin to Dolly Madison guarding the Rose Garden, there are tales of ghosts coming down through the centuries. It is an old dwelling with many souls passing through the premises since the day it was built. It has all the makings needed for a ghost story with deaths and intrigue from the past. But Begley didn’t mention the ghostly residents who carry historical significance in his alleged exorcism of the premises.

Getting back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in modern-day times, herds of people came into the White House as soon as Barack and Michelle Obama walked out for the final time. They painted, wallpapered, carpeted, hung drapes, lighting fixtures, changed plumbing fixtures and even moved a wall to enlarge a room in that short time span. According to an archived Inquisitr article, the professionals worked non-stop for those five hours so when Donald and Melania Trump walked in, everything was done just as Melania Trump had specified to the decorators.

It was an amazing feat and everything from their clothes to their favorite brands of products were put on the shelves in the kitchens and bathrooms, from the directions in a plan that was in the works since Trump’s election day win. When the Trumps walked through the White House doors, their family quarters were all redone to their specifications. There wasn’t a trace of the previous family left behind.

The Washington Post called this the “5 craziest hours in the White House,” but they weren’t talking about ghost hunting. They were talking about the transformation from the Obama’s home to the Trump’s new home. It was an amazing and somewhat mystical time because who could ever imagine that the White House living quarters could be transformed in that short amount of time. Some people did describe this as a “magical transformation,” but it was done with precision coordination and hard work, not spells and exorcisms.

It was during these five hours that the pastor claims Melania sent in people to pack up “all kinds of idol gods and images and all kinds of artifacts in there that was demonic.” Yes, Obama’s belongings were removed, but there were no reports of anything being demonic or of another world at the time. The pastor claimed these were leftover from the Obama family living there. This sounds as if he was able to diss two administrations with one report.

At the same time the renovations were going on, Begley claims there were people in the White House anointing it with oil and praying everywhere,” under Melania’s directives to cleanse the White House of ghosts and demons, claims the Daily Dot.

It seems as if the folks on social media didn’t find a need to come to Melania’s defense on this report, as it stood as something so ludicrous, many made it into a joke as seen under the Twitter search of “Melania Trump has White House exorcised.” Some also saw this as a way for this “unknown pastor” to get his 15 minutes of fame. Was this pastor using that “5 crazy hours” that was reported by The Washington Post and other publications at the time as some type of metaphor?

As crazy as people saw this report, it still didn’t stop them from having fun with it. One Twitter user posted a picture of Trump being hugged by the devil and it was captioned “Pastor Paul Begley said that Melania Trump ordered the White House be exorcised before she would move in. But Trump was still there when she arrived…”