Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Divorce: Many Reasons For Split, Not Because Of Kids’ Education [Debunked]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shocked the world over a year ago when Jolie publicly announced she was filing for divorce and seeking full physical custody of their six children. Despite not really elaborating as to reasons why the UN special envoy decided to call it quits, the beauty did indicate that the decision was made in the best interest of the children and soon after, the news that an incident on a private jet when Pitt was intoxicated and allegedly lunged at their oldest son, Maddox, broke.

An FBI investigation was launched against Brad for abuse, yet the actor was swiftly cleared. Pitt was kept from spending time with his children, initially, but later admitted to seeking therapy and going through rehab for his alcoholism during an interview with GQ in 2017.

Things seem to be amicable between the estranged couple as they still work towards finalizing their divorce, yet rumors regarding the split continue to surface. The latest rumor swirling regarding reasons for splitting include claims that Brad and Angelina were butting heads over their children’s education.

Additionally, Celebrity Insider‘s source insists that Angelina and Brad are still at odds over how to raise their children, claiming that Pitt is not a fan of the fact that Jolie drags the kids along to red carpet events when he is doing his best to keep their parenting life private.

Gossip Cop relays the words written by the tabloid.

“Pitt was ‘hoping for a normal and simple life’ for his six children, but Jolie wanted something ‘unorthodox’ that involved a lot of “‘raveling and red carpets.’A so-called ‘source’ is quoted as saying, ‘Brad and Angie are still at war over how to raise their many children.’”

The source goes on to claim that Angelina insists on treating her children like friends and doesn’t seek to instill the values that Brad would like to and was raised with.

“[Education is] a big reason behind their divorce and it is why the former power couple are still at war today,” the supposed insider continues, adding that each time Brad sees another shot of Angelina and his kids in the press, he “quietly fumes” and vows even more to give his children a “quiet, peaceful, normal life.”

However, the gossip policing site has debunked these claims made by the latest false source, discovering from a reliable source close to the estranged A-list couple, that the fabrication is, of course, “fake.”

As for their parenting, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt each put their children first and it’s clear that the two are doing their best to keep things as normal as possible for their brood. Jolie recently was spotted taking the children on a whistle stop tour of Paris, as Hello! reminds. The beauty simply is making the best of a difficult time for their family and by times the kids are captured in an image or two, while Angelina does so.