After Mom Shoots Intruder, Police Find That He Was Casing Other Homes

After Mom Shoots Intruder, Police Find That He Was Casing Other Homes

After a mom shoots an intruder in Georgia, police have found that the man likely had more crimes in mind.

Paul Ali Slater tried to break into a home on Friday afternoon but ran into an angry mom, who shot him five times, police in Walton County say. But now police have found that before the mom shoots the intruder, he was looking into other homes in the neighborhood to break into.

At one of those homes, the owner spotted Slater and confronted him, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported. The owner asked Slater if he was looking for anyone in particular.

“He told her he was supposed to meet Coach Williams,” Walton Sheriff Joe Chapman said.

When the owner pressed Slater again, the would-be robber quickly got into his car and drove away, police said.

Later the intruder moved on to the home of a mother at home with her 9-year-old twins. He told police that he thought no one was home, but once inside they believe he heard her talking on the phone with her husband and followed her to the attic crawlspace where she hid with her children.

But instead of hiding, the mom pulls out a.38 and shoots the intruder.
“The guy’s face down, crying,” the sheriff said. The woman told him to stay down or she’d shoot again.

The revelation that there could have been more crimes committed before the mom shoots the intruder will likely add more fuel to the gun debate surrounding this story. Gun advocates say this is a good case of why firearms should remain legal, and shows the good they can do. Already, gun rights advocacy groups and sites like Guns Save Lives have used this story as a way to bolster their arguments.