Accell Debuts New Cables, Surge Protectors At CES 2013

Accell’s booth at CES 2013 may not be getting as much attention as those with massage chairs, 4k resolution televisions, or tricked out cars, but they are still very much worth a mention for the technology they debuted.

The company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is certainly worth a look, considering their line of surge protectors and travel-friendly HDMI cables that made us want to take a second look.

The Inquisitr was able to spend time with the company’s representatives at the show, who were friendly and excited about the products they showed us. They were proud to show us their Home or Away Power Station, which is equipped with dual USB ports for device charging, three AC outlets, and a surge protector.

The Power Station also features a unique folding power plug. Michael Weizer, director of marketing at Accell, stated of the new product, “As much as consumers like the reassurance their electronics are protected at home, many look for the same guarantee while traveling.”

Along with the Power Station, the company also showed off two home surge protector power strips. One is the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier, which has a unique design and allows users to connect to a power strip in a different way. The second is the Powramid, which debuted at CES this year and provides a unique circular design, which is perfect for conference rooms or round-table meetings.

Accell also debuted at CES their new PowerSquid Surge Protector and Power Conditioner. The unit boasts 600 joules of surge protection and is able to accommodate five bulky plugs with no problem — meaning no more fighting for space on a conventional power strip. Weizer stated:

“Accell’s latest PowerSquid surge protector was designed to offer consumers additional choices in product color and features. Its six foot power cord and white impact resistant housing provides a cord length and color choice not offered in Accell’s other PowerSquid models.”

Finally, we also got to check out the company’s latest lightweight ProUltra Thin cable series, which support all video resolutions, from 1080p to 4k and 3D video.

The connection area on the new ProUltra Thin cables is up to 45 percent shorter than those found on a traditional HDMI cable. They are also much easier to install and are more flexible, so they can fit into a small area. They are ideal for wall-mounted televisions, where thin cables are needed.