Melania Trump Announces 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll With Broken Website Links On How To Get Free Tickets

First Lady Melania Trump has released new information about the 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll. According to the White House, Melania has given the public the first detailed information about the 2018 event, which will represent White House Easter Egg Roll No. 140.

Those who want to save the date of the Easter Egg Roll will note that it is planned for Monday, April 2, 2018. Parents can look forward to bringing their children to the South Lawn of the White House, perhaps to spot Barron Trump as well, as they enjoy the day that is planned with a plethora of activities — as long as they score free tickets to the event.

Those who have kids 13 years of age and younger can try and get free tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll, an event that dates back to 1878 at the White House. Initially, the White House’s links to the 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll were broken, with website visitors receiving “404” error pages. That link has apparently been fixed, with a YouTube video from the 2017 Easter Egg Roll at the White House featured prominently. (Update: The link appears broken again, or can’t handle the website traffic.)

The Recreation government website link called “The White House Easter Egg Roll” is working at the moment, where hopeful attendees can create an account.

How To Get Tickets for The 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll Through A Lottery

Those who want to score tickets to the 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll will have to try their hands at a lottery that opens noon E.T. on Friday, February 9, and closes at noon E.T. on Thursday, February 15. The free tickets and free lottery entrants come with no charges, but are limited per household. Those who score tickets will know by Friday, March 2.

There are also opportunities to volunteer at the 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll, with the deadline for that submission on Friday, February 23, at noon E.T. Don’t expect the White House to pick up travel expenses for volunteers. According to the White House, “you will be responsible for any travel and lodging expenses incurred if you serve as an Easter Egg Roll volunteer.”

The White House will also offer commemorative eggs from the Easter Egg Roll.