Carrie Underwood's Facial Injury Will Reportedly Take A Long Time To Heal, Scar Might Not Completely Fade Away

Carrie Underwood had 40 to 50 stitches in her face after taking a hard fall on some steps outside her Tennessee home last year. Although earlier scoops revealed that the American Idol alum is healing up well, a new report claims that the "Jesus, Take the Wheel" singer will have to deal with her facial injury for quite a long time.

According to a Hollywood Life source, the 34-year-old country singer, songwriter, and actress is on the road to recovery, but she is still not completely done with the problem. The insider revealed that the doctor has told Carrie Underwood that her scar "could take up to two years to totally fade away, and he's warned her that there's a chance it may never completely disappear."

The source noted that Carrie Underwood did everything that her doctor advised her to do. The "Before He Cheats" hitmaker had been "keeping out of the sun, making sure her face is well moisturized with petroleum jelly, and covered in factor 50 sunscreen when she does go outside." She also gently massages the area around her wound each day to help with the healing process.

The insider then shared that although Carrie Underwood's facial scar is healing up well and can be covered by a tiny bit of concealer, the seven-time Grammy Award winner is still really bothered by it and she's getting impatient. As a matter of fact, her doctor reportedly offered her an option to have plastic surgery if she really can't deal with the scar.

Even though it appears that plastic surgery is still not on top of Carrie Underwood's priorities right now, she has been rumored to have already gone under the knife. After warning her fans that she might look a little different the next time they see her, Wendy Williams quickly accused the American Idol superstar on her daytime talk show of using her fall as an excuse to have a facelift. The 53-year-old controversial host then asked the singer to be a guest star on her show to "dispel any facelift allegations and rumors."

Carrie Underwood ignored Wendy Williams' invitation.