Rita Ora Accused Of 'Fat Shaming' Adele

Rita Ora has Adele fans up in arms after allegedly posting a controversial Snapchat photo.

According to a new report by the Sun, Ora took to the photo sharing app to post a distorted selfie photo of herself with big puffy lips and cheeks with the caption "Hello… it's me," which has fans suggesting Rita is taking aim at Adele and her curvy figure using lyrics from her multi-platinum hit, "Hello."

The Snapchat image caused a major stir online as hordes of fans rushed to Adele's defense on Twitter.

"So its news that rita ora has been mocking @Adele. In my opinion rita is jealous of how talented adele is seeing as though rita isn't [sic]," Twitter user @Madhead1995 wrote, while @KadeeRufc tweeted out, "So @RitaOra has taken a picture and mocking of @Adele, MBE, seven times platinum in the UK,grammy winner singer Rita em well... [sic]."

But the social media remarks didn't stop there. Twitter user @BIEBERISLAND then accused Ora of fat shaming Adele in her latest Snapchat post, writing on the 140-character site, "Rita Ora can fat shame adele but that just shows she's even more trashier than I thought [sic]."

Rita Ora's alleged fat shaming comes just months after Adele hit back at questions regarding her weight during an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes. After admitting that she's "always been asked questions about [her] body and weight," the star hit back at journalists who regularly bring up her size.

"I don't make music for eyes I make music for ears," Adele said in November, 2015. "I don't care anyway. You don't see music, you listen to music, so what does it even matter?"

But while a number of fans appear to believe Ora was taking serious aim at Adele with her salacious new Snapchat post, a source told the Sun that Rita's selfie was never meant with any malice towards the superstar. "Rita was simply using a fun app that distorts her face on Snapchat and didn't think about how it might look" a source told the site earlier this week, "It wasn't meant to be a dig at Adele's appearance."

This isn't the first time Rita Ora has stirred up controversy when it comes to the "When We Were Young" singer.

Back in November, Rita opted to cover Adele's "Hello" in complete gibberish during an appearance on Britain's Capital FM radio. Ora revealed before covering the hit that she wanted to "rap it in a different language" before performing the multi-platinum single in a completely made-up language.

But it's not just her alleged Adele mocking that's had Rita Ora hitting the headlines this week. The Sun revealed earlier this week that Ora is supposedly dating U.S. rapper Yoni Laham following alleged short-lived romances with both Blink-182 rocker Travis Barker and rapper Wiz Khalifa.

A source revealed to the site that Rita and her supposed new man "have been getting on really well" since they first got together, and Ora "loves his company," particularly while the British singer is spending time in the U.S.

"He is a bit of a socialite and they have a lot in common, especially when it comes to music," the source continued to the Sun. "Rita has always been a big hip-hop fan and is really into his stuff. A lot of her mates are saying that she and Yoni are officially an item but it's still early days."

However, don't expect things to move too fast between Rita Ora and her new man. "Knowing Rita, she will be taking things slow, she won't rush into anything too quickly," the source added.

Do you think Rita Ora was mocking Adele with her Snapchat photo?

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]