Cleveland Cavaliers: Dan Gilbert ‘Doesn’t Care’ If LeBron James Leaves, Cavs Fans Revolt Online

Cleveland Cavaliers fans are speaking their minds online this week after a shocking report about Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert made headlines. The report claims that Gilbert “doesn’t care” if the NBA’s biggest superstar, LeBron James, leaves the team in free agency next year because the franchise already got a championship.

According to a February 5 report by Cavaliers Nation, former ESPN radio host Will Burge claimed that unnamed sources told him that Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert isn’t worried about LeBron James leaving the team in free agency and is “letting his ego get in the way of winning.”

This report has disgusted fans, who very much want LeBron James to stay in Cleveland with the Cavs for the foreseeable future. Burge claims that Gilbert “couldn’t stand” former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin “getting credit for the championship” and that he has been taking over the GM role this season, which has led to a lot of animosity and tension within the organization and on the team.

Will Burge says that revealing this information may get his people “in trouble,” but he didn’t care because Dan Gilbert’s behavior is so “ridiculous.” Cavs insider Brian Windhorst revealed on ESPN Cleveland radio on Monday that he believes the lack of communication between LeBron James and Gilbert is what is really causing the majority of the problems for the team, and he believes James would want to stay in Cleveland. However, the pieces have to be there for him to win.

After the report went live online, Cavs fans immediately took to social media to weigh in on the news, tweeting Dan Gilbert with their thoughts and feelings toward his egotistical actions. Some fans called Gilbert the next Art Modell, the hated former owner of the Cleveland Browns, while others expressed their dislike for Dan, calling him every name in the book and begging him to be a better owner and keep LeBron James happy.

Many die-hard fans have vowed to turn their back on the Cavs and Dan Gilbert if he can’t produce a trade by this week’s deadline and figure things out with LeBron James in order to make a play to keep the King in Cleveland after the 2018 season.