Is ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Ready To Go Back To His Real Name?

Jax Taylor is actually Jason Michael Cauchi.

According to a sneak peek at tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 6, Jax Taylor seems to be growing tired of his alter ego and may want to get back to the man he used to be before he change it.

While chatting with his therapist during a medication session in Los Angeles, Jax Taylor opens up about his decision to change his name when he started his career as a model and actor.

“You can call me Jason. Jax… I’m over this person. That’s my actual name,” Jax Taylor explained to his therapist, according to a sneak peek shared by E! News on February 5.

Jax Taylor explained that throughout his career in the entertainment industry, he’s had to tell stories for people to like him and often changes himself to adapt to what people want him to be. Now, however, as he looks back on his past mistakes, he’s hoping to embrace the man he used to be and put his phony persona to rest.

“I need to get back to Jason,” he admitted.

Jax Taylor also opened up about his desire to get back to the man he once was, telling the cameras that he wants to “get to know that guy again.”

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Jax Taylor has been going through struggles throughout Season 6 due to his past decision to sleep with Faith Stowers behind Brittany Cartwright’s back. He has also faced tons of backlash in recent week due to a shocking audio clip taken by Stowers after their hookup in which Taylor was heard blasting Cartwright and stating that he was no longer attracted to his girlfriend.

As Jax Taylor continues to seek therapy for his bad behavior, his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright is facing backlash as well due to her decision to remain committed to their relationship.

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