'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason Finds Flash Drive, Pushes Drew To Recover Memories - Sam Furious

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) isn't wicked like his dad, Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), and will set up a scenario where he can give Drew Cain (Billy Miller) back his life. Peter may be Henrik Faison, but it seems he's got some ethical genes from his mother, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), and wants to do the right thing. That's why Peter hid Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) in the Russian clinic – he did it to save his life. Now, Peter wants to clean up his father's mess.

Peter Keeps His Secret – Jason Gets The Drive

The science behind the memory-mapping process is pretty ridiculous, so GH fans shouldn't be surprised when Peter (aka Henrik the Traitor) goes into the files on the flash drive and tries to erase himself from Drew's stored memories. Peter's only concern is that Drew can identify him as Faison's son, and that's information Peter does not want to be known. Once Peter wipes himself out of the files, he leaves the flash drive where it can be conveniently found, say new GH spoilers from set sources.

Whether Peter's tampering with the drive works or not remains to be seen, but it will be Jason who finds the drive and takes it to his twin, Drew. Jason is already certain that Drew knows Henrik's identity, but he can't recall. It's true that Peter was there when Drew's memories were taken and Jason's implanted. Once Jason finds the drive, he's convinced that it contains the answers that he and Drew need about their past and the experiments on their memories. However, Jason has a deeper stake.

Jason's Ulterior Motive

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps promise that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) finally made a dent in Stone Cold's armor by harping on him about Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco). Jason is in pain because he loves Sam and losing her to Drew devastated him, but he won't directly try and split them. However, it must be at the back of Jason's mind that if Drew gets his memories back, he might not stay with Sam. After all, Drew has another baby mama, and rumor has it there's another wife out there.

While Jason does want to know what happened after Faison kidnapped him five years ago, his intentions might not be entirely pure. Jason may be hoping Drew has a "love of his life" from his past that would pull him away from Sam. On Monday's GH, Drew convinced Sam that they need to find the flash drive with his memories, so they have the option of restoring his memories if it's even possible. Sam was hoping that the memory stick would stay hidden, but unfortunately, it won't.

Jason Convinces Drew To Try Risky Procedure

The latest GH spoilers promise that as soon as Jason finds the flash drive, he goes to Drew to let him know they have the key to finding Henrik and recovering Drew's old life. Drew doesn't even hesitate. He wants his memories back but thinks there is no way it will impact his new life with Sam. For her part, Sam is terrified that Drew will lose his new memories from the past three years, including their love story and the birth of their child.

Peter leaving the flash drive for Jason to find is only part of the story. Drew needs someone to re-map his old memories onto his brain. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central promise that the Q twins loop in Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), who also wants to identify Henrik since he's her secret son. Anna goes to see Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) on February 15 to convince him to reverse his mapping procedure and restore Drew's memories. But will Andre sign on to tamper with Drew's brain again?

Andre Agrees To Restore Drew's Memories – Sam Furious

GH spoilers promise that Anna gets special permission from the WSB for Andre to perform the risky procedure on Drew. Andre wants to do the restoration because it will prove whether his process works. You might recall that Andre agreed to the experiment so he could save his wife's memories and restore them later after Alzheimer's ravaged her mind. With Andre on board, everything is set, but Sam wants to shut it down.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew tells Sam he's going to get his memories back, and she freaks. Sam goes to confront Jason and will accuse him of pushing Drew to undergo the risky procedure so he can take away Drew's memories of her and ruin her marriage. Sam says Jason will go to any lengths to get her back and threatens Jason. Sam will tell Jason that if Drew loses the memories of her and Scout, she will never forgive him and will cut him out of her life for good.

Sweeps Ends With Drew's Memory Recovery

According to GH spoilers, on the last day of sweeps on February 28, Drew vows to Sam that he will never forget her, their daughter, or their family and then he's anesthetized for the re-mapping procedure. March starts off with Sam's hubby waking as Drew Cain with all his old memories restored, including those of his abusive childhood with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). What's not known yet is whether Drew retains new memories of his wife, daughter, and life in Port Charles.

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