Brooklyn Beckham Wears Eye Makeup While Celebrating Chloe Moretz's Birthday

Brooklyn Beckham, the 18-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham, tried a very different look over the weekend that's getting mixed reactions. Brooklyn was celebrating his girlfriend's, Chloe Moretz, 21st birthday in Los Angeles when he was photographed wearing black eyeliner.

Her writes that Beckham looked like Johnny Depp with the eyeliner. He was getting just as much attention for the eye makeup as Moretz did for her golden Prada suit during their celebration at Beauty & Essex. Brooklyn also wore a white shirt, black pinstripe pants, and grey suspenders.

Chloe Moretz posted photos a few photos of the celebration on her Instagram page, which can be viewed here. She doesn't turn 21 until February 10, but marked the milestone birthday early!

A close-up of Brooklyn Beckham with eyeliner can be seen in a tweet posted by Daily Mail below.

A few commenters noticed Brooklyn's eye makeup in the comments on Chloe's page, but many weren't crazy about the look in some of the tweeted comments by users. One called him a "freak" and there were plenty of those confused by his choice to don eyeliner. Several also noted how much he looked like his mother.

Brooklyn was probably trying something different for this special occasion, or possibly making an attempt to change up his style a bit. Whatever the reason, he was seen the next day looking like himself without the eyeliner. So, if anyone was in a panic about the eldest Beckham son making a drastic change to his appearance, it seemed to be a temporary thing.

Brooklyn Beckham moved from London to New York last summer to study at the Parsons School of Design. The Sun reports that Brooklyn just quit his photography course after just one term. A source told the website that Brooklyn has been offered several internships with top photographers in the industry and is considering leaving his studies behind to work with them. Apparently no decision has been made yet and he's leaning on his parents for advice. Brooklyn is "weighing" his options about whether to stay in college or take the internships. As the report notes, maybe Beckham could be the Spice Girls' "official tour photographer."