Logan Paul’s Apology Tour Is Over As He Returns To Vlogging With New YouTube Video, ‘Logan Paul Is Back’

Logan Paul has officially ended his apology tour, following the backlash he received after posting a video featuring a man who had apparently committed suicide in the Aokigahara forest in Japan. After dealing with the backlash he faced following the posting of the “Suicide Forest” video on YouTube, Paul made the decision to take a month-long hiatus from vlogging, and social media in general. The social media star ended that hiatus by first posting a video about suicide prevention on YouTube, and then going on Good Morning America in order to not only apologize to people again, but also explain himself better.

However, while Logan Paul may have ended his temporary hiatus from his blog last week, it seems that he has also decided to end his apology tour as well. In a new video posted to YouTube titled “Logan Paul Is Back,” the vlogger offers his followers what Mashable calls a “triumphant return.” Not only did Paul start off by pointing out that following his hiatus, which he refers to as a break instead of a hiatus, he has actually increased his follower counts, but later on in the video he also points out that he made an appearance on Good Morning America.

While Logan Paul once more acknowledged that he was wrong in posting the video from Japan with the body of a man who had committed suicide, the YouTuber also asked his followers to purchase his merchandise because the platform has cut the revenue he receives from AdSense. Although it is nothing new for Paul to push his merchandise for sale, based on this particular vlog, it seems that it is important for his followers to make a purchase in order for him to make up for his loss in income.

Beyond pointing out his apparent accomplishments during his self-described break from vlogging, Logan Paul also shares the news that he is currently being sued for $4 million. The YouTuber even shared that he faced a near-death experience recently when he went skydiving and his primary parachute did not deploy, something he also posted about on Twitter when he shared a picture of his “empty pack.”

Ultimately, it seems that Logan Paul wanted to use his return video as an opportunity to address not only his followers but also those he deems to be haters. Whether people love him or hate him, Paul said that he, “will never, ever, ever forget who I am at my core, and no one can make me think I’m something otherwise.” He said that as long as he feels that he is continuing to improve and grow as a person, then he believes that everything is good.