Apple Probes iPhone X Screen Display Delay For Incoming Calls

Apple’s iPhone X seems to be experiencing a persistent issue. A handful of reports claim that users experience display delays for incoming calls.

Reports in the Apple support community suggest that there have been some users who encountered this issue with their new Apple device. Back in November, some users already complained about this problem. However, the latest software update did not resolve this issue.

Based on reports, iPhone X users were unable to see the caller ID and the accept or decline button for incoming calls for up to 10 seconds. Due to these issues, users missed some calls which are quite inconvenient.

Apple already rolled out the iOS 11.2.5 update for the iPhone X, but this issue persists. Users who were on iOS 11.2 also experienced these problems, although there is a possibility that those on iOS 11 had the same complaints. There have been hundreds of people who had the same question on the Apple discussion forum.

MacRumors notes that they have been looking into the issue, but they were unable to replicate the problem. Needless to say, Apple representatives confirmed that they have been looking into this issue.

It seems like Apple is in the process of collecting more data from users to get to the bottom of this issue. Apple will, most likely, roll out a software upgrade to get rid of this annoying problem.

In the past months, there have been different problems plaguing iPhone X.

Back in November, iPhone X users reported that they observed a green, vertical line on the smartphone display. There were theories that these devices had an electrical fault. There were also reports of a bug that made the iPhone X unresponsive when there is a sudden drop in temperature. Apple released iOS 11.1.2 to solve the issue.

In mid-December, an issue with the camera focus surfaced. The problem was not exclusive to iPhone X. It also plagued iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The problem was identified to be a bug in iOS 11.2, but the iOS 11.2.1 update resolved this issue.

As for Apple, the tech company plans to concentrate on improving the quality and performance of the operating system for the iPhone and the iPad. In fact, the company will delay some feature upgrades for iOS 12 to deal with the current software issues in the current versions of the iOS. Hopefully, Apple will resolve problems with the iPhone X soon.