Galaxy X: Samsung Finally Confirms Device’s Reveal Later This Year, At Least Up To A Point

Jason KempinGetty Images

Recent reports about the Samsung Galaxy X are pretty encouraging. Last month, rumors emerged stating that Samsung has shown off a couple of working prototypes of the device in a closed-door meeting at CES 2018. In an earnings call with investors at the end of January, the South Korean tech giant also noted that it would be making a big push into innovative technologies this year.

According to a TrustedReviews report, Samsung’s latest earnings call with investors seemed to have direct references to the Galaxy X, practically mentioning the device by name. The South Korean tech giant’s statement, if any, seems to invoke the idea that it was finally ready to reveal its most disruptive smartphone to date.

“In 2018, we will differentiate through the development of cutting-edge products, such as foldable OLED smartphones.”

This statement is quite notable, especially since it would mark the first time that Samsung confirmed the Galaxy X, though not by name. Over the past years, the South Korean tech giant is known to be working on a foldable phone concept, but Samsung has been notoriously tight-lipped about the device. From its statement on its earnings call, however, it seems like this would not be the case this 2018.

The foldable smartphone generation has not broken ground yet, but signs of the trend are already emerging in patents filed by the world’s most prominent smartphone-makers. Samsung has pretty much been sitting on the Galaxy X concept for years, Microsoft seems to be targeting a foldable design with the equally long-rumored Surface Phone, and even LG has shown off refined foldable phone concepts that would likely revolutionize the mobile industry.


In this sense, Samsung’s apparent decision to push through with the release of the Galaxy X this year seems wise. It would really be a big blow to the South Korean tech giant, after all, if a rival company such as LG manages to release a foldable smartphone to the market before the Galaxy X gets an official release.

Rumors about the Galaxy X are many, though speculations point to the device having a pretty balanced set of specifications. According to a ValueWalk report, the device might feature high-midrange specs similar to the Galaxy C9 Pro, such as a midrange Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, around 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a Full HD Super AMOLED display. Considering that the foldable design is the smartphone’s main feature, there is a pretty good chance that this might actually happen.