Half Of The World’s Food Is Thrown Away Each Year

World's food

A new report has been published which states that as much as half of all the food produced in the world, which equates to around 2 billion tonnes, is thrown away ever year.

The UK’s Institution of Mechanical Enginners, has blamed these figures on unnecessarily strict sell-by dates, buy-one-get-one free offers and Western consumer demand for cosmetically perfect food, plus “poor engineering and agricultural practices.” inadequate infrastructure and poor storage facilities have also added to the problem.

Tim Fox, who helped lead the research, said, “The amount of food wasted and lost around the world is staggering. This is food that could be used to feed the world’s growing population – as well as those in hunger today. It is also an unnecessary waste of the land, water and energy resources that were used in the production, processing and distribution of this food.”

The Institution has also stated that governments and world organisations, ‘must work together to help change people’s mindsets on waste and discourage wasteful practices by farmers, food producers, supermarkets and consumers.’ They believe that urgent action is needed to tackle this issue.

Their report, which was entitled Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not, uncovered that between 30% and 50% of the food that is produced across the globe never makes it on to a plate. The study also claims that in the UK alone, 30% of vegetables were not harvested because of their physical appearance.

How much food do you think you waste over the course of a year? Will you now try and stop being so cavalier with your portions?