Kylie Jenner Shouldn’t Expect Travis Scott To Change His Lifestyle Once She Gives Birth

Travis Scott has no plans of changing his lifestyle once girlfriend Kylie Jenner gives birth to their first child.

Hollywood Life reports the hip-hop star has no designs on being a “model dad” for his 20-year-old reality TV star girlfriend.

“Kylie’s pregnancy wasn’t planned, and although he’s excited about the baby, Travis isn’t planning on radically altering his life, at all,” a source described as close to him told the website. “Travis is loving life right now—his career is red hot and he’s raking in the money. This is the lifestyle that Travis has always wanted–performing in front of thousands of screaming fans, private jets, champagne, parties—he’s really living the high life. He’s made it clear that she won’t want for money at all, but he’s never intended to put his career on ice so he can just sit around at home with her night after night.”

Several media outlets have also reported Jenner has been troubled throughout her pregnancy by Scott often being on the road touring or performing. Even when he has been in L.A., reports are he has often been distance and not always an active participant in the way she was dealing with things.

Hollywood Life previously reported the end result has seen the two fighting nonstop, with Scott now doing all he can just to keep his distance from her.

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner

“Kylie and Travis have been fighting non-stop over numerous things that they refuse to see eye-to-eye on, and as a result Travis has been doing everything in his power to keep himself busy just to be away from her and avoid having to answer her calls and texts messages,” a source added.

The two reportedly got into a big argument recently about rumors of Scott hooking up with other girls while in Las Vegas to perform.

“The tension got so thick between them that Travis decided to take yet another guest performance gig on short notice on January 25 right in her hometown of LA,” the source added. “Between bouncing around doing little 15-20 minute sets and locking himself in the studio, Travis has been intentionally avoiding Kylie and it seems like nobody can get through to him. Kylie hopes things will change when the baby is finally here, but she doubts it.”