Super Bowl 2018 Stadium Fans Face Bizarre Debacle Of Sitting Tall In The Saddle

Super Bowl 2018 will be flooded with folks from every corner of the nation who will come by air, highway, or railway to get to the biggest sporting event of the year and all of them will have one strange thing in common. This year the fans might appear much taller to those of you at home watching the Super Bowl when the cameras pan the stadium seats, according to The Weather Channel’s live report on Sunday morning.

USA Today is passing along a warning for Sunday’s Super Bowl game to the fans who will actually be at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota to watch the game. Sunday’s Super Bowl is expected to be the coldest on record to date at kick off time for the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. According to weather predictions, once you factor in the expected wind chill, fans will feel like it is “well below zero.”

Since the U.S. Bank Stadium will have the spectators indoors for the duration of the game, you may think there isn’t any problem with the cold, but the problem still does exist. This is the biggest sporting event of the year and people start lining up early in the day. With the tightened security, people are looking at hours out in the cold before getting into the stadium. A live broadcast from Fox & Friends Weekend reporters interviewed people outside the stadium early Sunday morning.

The cold weather warning is coming from the officials in Minnesota who are urging the fans to dress in layers — many layers. NFL Security Chief Cathy Lanier suggests “You need to dress in layers, hats, gloves, scarves covering your extremities (and) comfortable shoes or boots.”

Stadium seats

The temperature is expected to fall into the “low single digits” by 5:30 CT or local time in Minnesota, so fans will be standing in lines late in the day as the temperatures are falling. Lanier explains how it can get “quite cold” even if you are outside for just a few minutes with these low temperatures.

So how do the extreme cold weather and a warning to dress in layers come into play once fans are inside the U.S. Bank Stadium? That is a question that The Weather Channel has mulled over this weekend.

There are no “coat checks” in the stadium and the seating leaves just enough room for, well, sitting. With that said, there is nowhere to put all those layers upon layers once the fans get inside to the climate-controlled stadium.

This will leave the stadium fans with only one option and that is to sit on all the outerwear they were wearing when they came in from the cold. With all those fans sitting on all those layers, the people are going to appear quite tall in their stadium seats, suggests the people at The Weather Channel.

So if you are thinking the people in the stadium appear like a tall bunch while in their seats, you would be correct. It sounds safe to call this year’s Super Bowl fans inside the stadium a propped-up bunch.