Poll: Donald Trump Should Be Interviewed Under Oath By Robert Mueller, Many Americans Seem To Agree

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Nearly three in four Americans agree President Donald Trump should have to submit to an under-oath interview with special counsel Robert Mueller.

A new Monmouth University poll finds 71 percent of respondents feel Trump should have to answer questions about his 2016 campaign’s involvement in the still-widening Russia meddling probe.

In addition to examining Russia’s election interference, Mueller is also probing if members of Trump’s campaign team colluded with Russian operatives in impacting his rise to the White House. More recently, Mueller’s probe has also sought to determine if Trump may have obstructed justice when he abruptly moved to fire then FBI director James Comey just four months after taking office.

Pollsters found of the 806 people interviewed, roughly 85 percent of Democrats agreed Trump should be forced to answer questions under oath, while 51 percent of Republicans agreed. The survey also found more than two in five respondents, or 41 percent, concur a Trump decision to terminate Mueller would constitute obstruction.

In recent weeks, the Mueller probe has more intensely focused on such issues as Trump’s reported involvement in crafting a misleading statement about son Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer at the height of the campaign and his motives for canning Comey, who previously testified that Trump directly asked him to let go of the FBI’s investigation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Trump later boasted to Russian officials that firing Comey had taken “great pressure” off of him.

Robert Mueller, Donald Trump
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Thus far, Trump has widely wavered on whether he will agree to sit down with Mueller, at one point insisting he was “100 percent” open to it before more recently reasoning since there was “no collusion,” it would be “unlikely that you’d even have an interview.”

Trump’s team of attorneys are now reported to be negotiating with Mueller’s team about the scope and parameters of any potential interview.

With whispers growing louder that Trump may now be looking for ways to fire Mueller, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) recently warned him any attempt to do so would only lead to more trouble.

“It’s pretty clear to me that everybody in the White House knows it would be the end of President Trump’s presidency if he fired Mr. Mueller,” Graham said during a recent appearance on the ABC News This Week.

Graham’s fiery words were fueled by a New York Times report that claims Trump ordered Mueller fired last June, citing conflicts of interests the president argues would make impartiality in the investigation virtually impossible.

Several media outlets have reported Trump only backed off his demands after White House counsel Donald McGahn threatened to quit.

Graham first introduced legislation calling for Mueller to be protected from being fired last summer.