Huawei Smartwatch Might Enable Users To Write At The Back Of Their Hand

A new Huawei smartwatch might have a new feature. Reports suggest that the Chinese company will solve the issue of having a small screen.

Huawei already owns the patent to a touch-sensitive bezel, but it seems like there will be more features in the new smartwatch under development. The new smartwatch from this company might finally resolve the issues people have in using a device with a small screen — a tiny display.

As reported by the Lets Go Digital, Huawei discovered a technology that will allow its users to use the back of their hand as a screen. Huawei’s smartwatch might include sensors which can project gestures in four directions using multiple infrared and ultrasonic sensors. The same sensors will have the ability to detect when the user started or stopped writing.

While this technology may be useful, there are some limitations. For instance, the user needs to make sure that the sensor and their hand are aligned. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use the hand as a trackpad.

What you wrote on the back of your hand will display on the smartphone screen. Common gestures such as multiple-finger actions, double-clicks, and the long-press will still work on the smartwatch.

According to the report, this new technology might be included in the next wave of Huawei smartwatch releases.

It seems like Huawei has been paying more attention to its wearable technology. In mid-January, there were reports that the World Intellectual Property organization approved a patent for a touch-sensitive bezel.

The said patent revealed that there would be eight zones at the edge of the watch, and it will trigger different commands depending on the combination. This technology will work in a similar way as the buttons in Samsung Gear.

Huawei found a way to use this technology on their smartwatch irrespective of the material used. The said bezel could be ceramic, plastic, aluminum or stainless steel while the strap will most likely be leather or rubber.

Huawei launched the Watch 2 which comes with Android Wear 2.0 in Barcelona during the MWC 2017. This year, the Chinese company might unveil its revolutionary 3rd generation Huawei smartwatch at MWC 2018.