Say No To Child Abuse: Video Of Man Molesting A Child Gets 67,500 Facebook Likes In Hopes Abuser Is Caught

A disturbing still image from a video of a young girl allegedly being abused is being circulated online, with hopes that the perpetrator will be captured by authorities; the still image alone has received nearly 70,000 likes on Facebook.

In the viral image and video, a young black girl appears to be sexually assaulted by being forced to perform a sex act on presumably an adult. The image does not show the man’s face, however, the video could very well show more identifying factors. Those sharing the video online are writing that they hope the young girl — who could be anywhere from 4 to 6 years of age or so — is recognized and rescued.

Plenty of those commenting about the child abuse scenario are writing that it represents the reason they do not leave their children in the care of those they don’t know well or don’t trust. The video has gained notoriety amid new information that deaths from child abuse have risen sharply, especially in Texas and Indiana, as reported by ABC News.

As a result, more tips about how to figure out of a child is being abused, including information on how to prevent child abuse, has been published by WKYT. The publication notes that mothers and fathers can first and foremost look for bruises on a child’s face, throat and neck area as one of the most obvious signs of abuse from a caregiver. In the absence of bruising, or sometimes coupled with physical injuries, could come changes in the child’s personality, such as a child becoming more withdrawn or even more animated than usual. Some children begin acting out as a result of abuse.

Those who suspect abuse are urged to get the child in question help by contacting authorities along with the National Child Abuse Hotline and reaching out with any evidence that can be provided. That’s what those who are sharing the disturbing video of the little girl being abused on social media are hoping.