'General Hospital' Spoilers: Valentin Cassadine Knows Anna's Dirty Baby Daddy Secret

General Hospital spoilers from this week's soap magazines reveal that someone knows about Anna Devane's (Finola Hughes) mystery kid with Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). The thing is, Anna herself doesn't have all the facts. According to the GH writers in a recent interview, not only does Anna not know the true identity of Henrik Faison, she doesn't know if Henrik is her child with Faison. The one thing for certain is that Faison is well and truly dead and his brain is in a jar on a desk at GH. Anna believes she's the only one who knows her dirty baby daddy secret, but she's sorely mistaken.

GH Writer Confirms Anna And Faison's Child

In the latest Soap Opera Digest, co-head writer Chris Van Etten offered some juicy General Hospital spoilers about Anna's plot twist. Van Etten confirmed that Anna and Faison "have a child" then said it's "left unclear" whether that kid is Henrik. Some GH fans have been busy speculating that Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) is their child, but that's a conversation stopper. Griffin was proven to be Duke Lavery's (Ian Buchanan) son with a DNA test. Sure, tests are tampered with now and then, but there was no reason to finagle the test. Griffin is Duke's son, not Faison's, and definitely not Anna's.
"She has had such a complicated and stormy history with Faison…"
Van Etten's GH spoilers discussed her complicated, stormy history with the villain and said Anna doesn't know yet if Henrik is her son, but she took the precaution of snipping off a lock of Faison's hair so she can do a DNA test once she finds the guy. One website that trades in fan fiction claimed that Faison's not dead because Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) helped him escape. This same site claimed Faison would shoot Anna and that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) shot Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) even though Peter was in another room behind a closed door and everyone watched Faison pull the trigger. None of this is true.

Faison And Nathan Are Dead And Other Facts

It's beyond spoilers but General Hospital fact that Faison is dead, he's the one that shot Nathan, and Griffin is not Anna and Faison's kid. In fact, Anders Hove (the guy that plays Faison) confirmed that he's done with the role and his character is dead. Soap Digest verified it in their most recent issue as well. Another speculation running rampant lately is that Nathan is in witness protection and his death was faked. Next week, on Friday, February 9, fans will see this can't be true.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a very sad and public funeral with Nathan's corpse on display in front of everyone. This is not the case of an explosion, a drowning, or other instance that left mourners without a body for the coffin. Nathan is there and quite obviously dead while his wife, mother, and sister publicly mourn him. Even actor Ryan Paevey confirmed that Nathan is dead and if he ever came back to GH, it would be as a new character like they've done more than once with Michael Easton.

Anna Lies To Robin About Her Half-Brother

General Hospital spoilers for the next two weeks reveal that Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) is back for Nathan's funeral, but Anna doesn't tell her about her half-brother. Anna doesn't know yet if Henrik is her son. The information she got on his dead mother came from WSB intel and might not be accurate. All Anna knows is that she birthed a child that was biologically Faison's and then she gave up the child. Writer Van Etten says viewers will find out why Anna walked away from her other child and never looked back.

GH spoilers say that Anna lies to Robin and decides she can't tell anyone and pushes Robin and Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) away so she can focus on getting the answers she needs. The funeral complicates things as does the fact that Anna doesn't know where to find Henrik, only that he's hiding in plain sight in Port Charles. Meanwhile, Peter August keeps his identity as Henrik hidden and doesn't know that his mother might be alive and nearby.

Valentin Knows Anna's Secret

SOD offers General Hospital spoilers saying that next week someone alerts Anna to the fact they know about the secret child she had. The latest information indicates it's Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) that's the only other one that knows her deepest, darkest secret. Given that Valentin was obsessed with Anna for years and an excellent data analyst for the WSB, finding out she gave up a child wouldn't be too hard for him to dig up, but he had no reason to reveal this before now.

Also, remember that Faison offered some last-minute GH spoilers before he died that the Cassadines are involved in the secret about Henrik and him. There aren't many living Cassadines left. Some suspect Nikolas is alive but as of now, it's just Valentin that this whispered hint could be about since Alexis wouldn't be involved nor would her daughters, plus they don't consider themselves Cassadines. Next week, Valentin approaches Anna and takes her off guard when he reveals he knows she and Faison had a child. But will Valentin offer to help Anna find the kid?

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