‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hot New Love Triangle – Jason, Kim Nero And Julian – Which Bad Boy Is Best?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) caught the eye of two of Port Charles’ most eligible bachelors. These guys are both tall, handsome and trouble – but the problem is that both of them also love someone else. However, if Kim is only looking for a bit of fun and nothing serious, she shouldn’t mind a little competition. The latest GH spoilers promise this surprising love triangle will capture fans’ attention and might also spark a bit of jealousy from some other ladies in town. Here’s what is ahead.

Kim And Julian’s Flirtation Continues

Last week on GH, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) couldn’t stop herself from staring as Kim sat at the bar in Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) establishment. Kim helped and flirted with Julian as she sorted out his fancy coffee maker but there was a lots of heat there – more than just the espresso. Julian might be flirting with Kim just to antagonize his ex-wife but that doesn’t seem the case. If Julian were just trying to bother Alexis, he wouldn’t have asked Kim to dinner, which happened on Friday’s episode.

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps promise that Julian faces life without Alexis in it and pursues a new romance. Now it seems his new romance will be with Drew Cain’s (Billy Miller) baby mama Kim. Julian is trying to be a better man and has put mob life behind him. Now that he’s the owner of Charlie’s Pub, he seems committed to his new crime-free life and might be ready for a new love. Alexis has made it clear she won’t get back with him, so why shouldn’t Julian move on and find new love?

Jason And Kim Also Connected

Kim also made another possible love connection last week when she ran into Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) at The Floating Rib. Jason is fresh off his divorce from Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) who gets married to his twin brother this week. Jason’s heart is hurting, and he was happy to forget his woes and play pool with Kim at The Rib. As for Kim, Jason is wearing the face of a man she once cared about and who fathered her child. It’s a strange sensation for sure, but also a connection that can’t be denied.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central for next week promise that things go awry for Jason. It could be that this ties into his flirtation with Kim. Once Drew and Sam are married this week, and Jason finds out she’s dropping the last name Morgan to become Mrs. Cain, he knows they are definitely done. GH spoilers and rumors hint that Jason will also be looking for romance to make him forget this crushing blow. Kim could be the woman to push Sam out of his mind – at least for a little while.

Will The Mob Factor Bother Kim?

On Friday’s GH, this recap from Soap Central reminds viewers that both Julian and Jason have mob ties. Julian is trying to put his behind him, but Jason is still very much a mob man. In fact, when Julian interrupted Kim’s pool match with Jason to ask her to join him for dinner, Julian told Kim that Jason is a “mob enforcer” and “professional killer.” The kicker is that Julian didn’t bother also to tell Kim that he was once a mob boss of the Jerome cartel and has done plenty of killing himself.

Once Jason decides to pursue Kim, GH spoilers predict that he’ll be sure to let Kim know that Julian’s hands are far from clean. Given how Kim reacted to Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) dating a mob boss’s daughter, she may not want to date a mobster either. But since Kim relented and let Oscar keep seeing Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy), maybe it won’t be a big deal for Kim to get involved with one (or both) of the mob men that recently captured her attention.

But since Julian still loves Alexis, and Jason still loves Sam, is Kim wasting her time? Can she make one of them forget their other epic love or is that wishful thinking? Catch up on the latest GH scoop on Nathan’s confirmed death from a set photo, Drew’s secret wife, and the action coming for the rest of January. Watch ABC daily to see the latest episodes and check back here often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.