WWE News: The Real Reason Matt Hardy Is Promoting More Broken Brilliance

When Matt Hardy introduced his new "Woken" Matt persona to the WWE, fans of Hardy's from Impact Wrestling had a reason for excitement. Hardy created one of the best gimmicks in modern wrestling when he became "Broken" Matt Hardy in Impact Wrestling and showed that pro wrestling could still be fun and exciting again. However, ever since he changed in the WWE, all the company has done was have him cut a few short promos and just laugh maniacally all the time. However, Hardy said that he is building the gimmick and promises big things, including releasing a video of Vanguard 1 arriving at the Hardy Compound and posting a photo a Senior Benjamin in a "Delete" shirt. Now, it turns out that the reason Hardy is promoting these things is that PWInsider reported (via 411mania) that Hardy now owns all trademarks for the Broken Brilliance gimmick, free and clear.

Matt Hardy Vs. Impact Wrestling

Matt Hardy had been battling Impact Wrestling since he and Jeff Hardy left the company. They went to Ring of Honor first and had a great feud with the Young Bucks, but Impact Wrestling sent a cease and desist letter to Ring of Honor and Hardy was not allowed to reference Broken Brilliance in his work there.

Impact Wrestling and Matt Hardy began a war and it looked like it would spill over into the courts when Hardy trademarked his gimmick but Impact Wrestling claimed ownership based on him working for them when developing it.

When the Hardy Boyz debuted at WrestleMania, they came back as Team Xtreme because the WWE knew that Impact Wrestling was holding tight to the Broken Brilliance gimmick. However, late last year, Matt Hardy became "Woken" and started to show many characteristics of the old Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, including yelling "Delete" and cutting promos based on his past lives.

Mostly this was because Impact Wrestling chose to allow all talents to take their gimmicks with them when they left the company. That is why EC3 arrived on NXT last weekend as EC3 and the 205 Live announcers referenced Drake Maverick as the former Rockstar Spud.

However, there is now the word that Matt Hardy trademarked the Borken Universe, including Broken Matt, Brother Nero for Jeff Hardy, Broken Brilliance and even Vanguard 1. The agreement was signed on Jan. 8 and Impact Wrestling let the timeline lapse on responding, so it went into effect on Jan. 31. This means Matt Hardy can use anything he utilized in Impact Wrestling in the WWE if they allow it.

What WWE Fans Can Expect From Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy already released the video of Vanguard1 joining him and just this week, he posted a photo of Senior Benjamin wearing a Delete shirt and saying he is ready to prepare the battlefield. Of course, as much as Hardy would like to bring the brilliance he displayed in Impact Wrestling to the WWE, it won't happen unless the WWE allows it.

Vanguard1 would be a fun thing to see and is possible. Senior Benjamin is Matt Hardy's father-in-law, and while he worked without a contract for Impact Wrestling, the WWE would likely want something more stable if he joined the gimmick there.

However, the biggest move was when the WWE signed Jeremy Borash from Impact Wrestling. While Borash is going to work for NXT, he was instrumental in producing the Broken Matt Hardy segments in Impact Wrestling. He could help with the Woken Matt gimmick if given the chance and things could really start to take focus for the entire storyline at that point.