Uma Thurman Talks Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault, Claims Quentin Tarantino Could Have Killed Her On Set

Uma Thurman has finally come forward to say that she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, after hinting that the revelation was coming on social media. In a New York Times article titled “This Is Why Uma Thurman Is Mad,” the actress details a harrowing experience with Weinstein who she says forced himself on her and exposed himself while they were in his suite at The Savoy in London

“He did all kinds of unpleasant things. But he didn’t actually put his back into it and force me,” she continued.

Thurman says that the disgraced producer sent her a large bouquet of yellow roses and that she opened the card as if it was a “soiled diaper.” The card from Harvey read: “You have great instincts.”

She says that she later confronted him about the incident and brought a male friend for support. He stayed downstairs though as Uma was escorted to her meeting with Weinstein. The friend says that Uma told him that Harvey promised to “derail her career.”

Weinstein put out a statement in which he admits to “making a pass” at Thurman after “misreading her signals.” He denied trying to damage her career prospects or that he assaulted her.

The actress has collaborated with Weinstein and director Quentin Tarantino on the projects that made her famous like Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. Those films, Pulp Fiction in particular, established Weinstein’s status in the industry as Uma recalls that he once told President Barack Obama that she was the reason he had his house. But amidst the bright light of stardom, Thurman was in turmoil, she says. The relationship between her, Weinstein and Tarantino was strained because of the assault.

She seems to feel guilty about the fact that her career may have encouraged actresses to work with Harvey, as she remained silent about her experience with him.

“I stand as both the person who was subjected to it and the person who was then part of the cloud cover,” she says. “So that’s a super weird split to have.”

During the interview, Uma also revealed that she was involved in a traumatic car accident on the Kill Bill set. Thurman links it to the strained relationship that developed between her and Quentin Tarantino after the alleged Weinstein assault. She claims that the crew had told her that the car she had to drive was faulty and she asked Tarantino to get a stunt driver to do the scene. Tarantino said no and they argued about it.

Eventually, she gave in, she says, which was a mistake. It took her 15 years, and the threat of litigation to get the video of the accident which she shared with the New York Times. The crash left her with permanent injuries in her neck and knees, Thurman added. She did not claim that the Pulp Fiction director was sexually inappropriate with her at any point in their professional relationship.

As People Magazine noted when Uma was asked about the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal last year, she declined to give the reporter a “soundbite,” although she hinted that she would speak at a later date. That later date has come.

Weinstein, who is reportedly in therapy in Arizona, has been accused by over 60 women of sexual misconduct, People noted. The list of his accusers includes Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow among others.

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