NBA Trade Rumors: Avery Bradley To Oklahoma City Thunder Discussed

Gregory ShamusGetty Images

NBA trade rumors reveal that the Oklahoma City Thunder have interest in landing Avery Bradley. Another Bradley trade could give OKC a shutdown defender, something that might prove very valuable down the stretch. As a report by the Washington Post indicates, the Los Angeles Clippers, who acquired Bradley from the Detroit Pistons in the Blake Griffin deal, are looking to move the defensive-minded guard before the NBA trade deadline.

The Thunder lost Andre Roberson for the season to a ruptured left patellar tendon. This puts the team in dire need of adding depth before making a serious run at the 2018 NBA Playoffs. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, All-Star Paul George has begun acting like he would seriously consider staying with OKC after this season, turning the franchise from becoming sellers into a team looking to acquire more talent. Enter Bradley, who is in the final year of his current contract.

With the Boston Celtics these last few years, Avery Bradley had become known as one of the better defenders in the game. Boston ended up trading him to the Detroit Pistons to add size during the offseason, but then the Pistons flipped him to the Los Angeles Clippers to land Blake Griffin. His salary matched up in the deal and it just worked out for both sides. Bradley is not in the long-term plans of the Clippers, meaning the team might not expect too much in return for another franchise to acquire him.

These NBA trade rumors definitely make a lot of sense, especially since the Oklahoma City Thunder will be looking to acquire depth without giving up too much in return. The franchise can’t mortgage the future, just in case Carmelo Anthony and Paul George decides that they will be leaving in the offseason. Adding a player like Avery Bradley, to a roster better known for its offensive stars than its defenders, would certainly help the team when trying to compete against the likes of the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets.

So what could the Thunder offer the Clippers in a trade? If it’s not a young player on the roster, it would need to be a future second-round pick or a 2022 first-round selection. The team traded several picks to land George and Anthony and is no longer deep with assets to work with. Another team could potentially outbid the Thunder, but it’s unclear just how many suitors Bradley has in the current market. Even if OKC misses on landing Bradley, expect the team to be mentioned in additional NBA trade rumors over the next few days.