Rihanna Promoting Homosexuality In Collusion With Freemasons According To Islamic Religious Groups

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Pop star Rihanna is currently in Senegal where she joined with French President Emmanuel Macron to call on world leaders to end poverty in education. Rihanna and Macron were urging world leaders to support a global push to improve education in developing nations. The pair were attending a conference in Dakar, Senegal, after the world bank revealed that there are over 250 million children on the continent of Africa who are not receiving any education at all. Of those in school, the Global Partnership for Education claims that over half are not learning.

As reported by CNBC, Rihanna and President Macron are backing calls from the Global Partnership for Education asking world leaders to contribute $3 billion to raise education standards in Africa. Speaking at the conference, attended by at least six African heads of State, Rihanna said that fighting for education “is a fight we’re never gonna stop fighting until every boy and every girl has access to education.” As many of Rihanna’s fans are aware, the singer founded the Clara Lionel Foundation in 2012. Rihanna’s foundation promotes and funds scholarship projects across the globe.

It would be easy to assume that those most likely to benefit from Rihanna’s education initiatives would be grateful for her support. It would seem that this is not always the case, as some Islamic religious groups have claimed that Rihanna is not welcome in Senegal.

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Islamic Religious Groups Say That Rihanna Is Not Welcome In Senegal

According to The Guardian, an association of 30 Islamic groups has called on the Senegalese government to ban Rihanna from the country. The Islamic leaders claim that Rihanna is really attending a Freemasons’ conference and that she is a member of the Illuminati intent on promoting homosexuality.

A spokesman for the Islamic association, Cheikh Oumar Diagne, claims that “Rihanna doesn’t hide it: she’s part of the Illuminati, a branch of Freemasons.” Many Freemasons will be somewhat incredulous at claims that Rihanna is in league with them. Especially given that Freemasonry is a “men only” organization. The Illuminati in its modern sense is, of course, a well-known conspiracy theory which claims that a secretive group of the rich and powerful are planning to take over the world.

Thankfully, Senegal’s government seems to have ignored the Islamic leader’s demands as Rihanna obviously attended the conference.