‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases New Technique To Take Down Toppo

Dragon Ball Super is already in its final minutes of its Universal Survival Arc’s Tournament of Power with only Universes 7 and 11 facing off, vying for survival. It has been teased that the entire tournament arena will be destroyed, therefore making it a free-for-all. While there is no telling how chaotic the battle royal will be, fans are certain that the folks behind the hit anime have been cooking something big. Toppo has unleashed his godly power in his recent skirmish against Frieza and Android 17, but the two U7 fighters will be using new strategies in an attempt to defeat the leader of the Pride Troopers.

In a summary of Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 released by Weekly Shonen Jump that was translated and shared by Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) on Twitter, Frieza and Android 17 will be using new techniques against Toppo. It can be recalled when the U11 warrior put Frieza in a tight spot that almost knocked him out of bounds. The resurrected baddie was badly beaten despite his efforts to take down the Pride Trooper.

According to the description for Dragon Ball Super Episode 126, Android 17 will use rocks to attack Toppo while Frieza uses his psychic powers. This prompted most fans that Universe 7 is already desperate to overthrow the Pride Trooper, especially since their home is at stake.

“17 and Freeza This Week: in dire straits! 17 and Freeza try to defeat Toppo; 17 by using rocks to attack, and Freeza by using his psychic powers! However, both are downed by Toppo’s counterattack!”

Android 17’s rock attack sounds new to the entire Dragon Ball fandom, but fans are certainly thrilled with Frieza’s psychic power. The former emperor of evil’s telekinesis previously killed Krillin in DBZ by blowing him up when he lifted him up into the air. This prompted Son Goku to transform into Super Saiyan for the first time.

During Dragon Ball Super Episode 125, Android 17 saved Frieza from being knocked out of bounds by throwing a rock that helped the resurrected villain to land on the edge of the tournament arena. The android’s rock attack still has to show more of it as soon as the upcoming episode airs, but fans are still worried about Universe 7’s survival.

As what Comic Book points out, the synopsis for Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 clearly suggests that both Frieza and Android 17 will still be knocked down by Toppo. This means that whatever strategies they have may not work on the leader of the Pride Troopers. However, fans are still hopeful that there will be great surprises coming soon. There are only five minutes left in the Tournament of Power, and the fighters of Universe 7 are already frantic about their home’s survival. Goku has yet to prove that his Ultra Instinct can champion his team, but Jiren is no pushover.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 titled “Surpass The Gods! Vegeta’s Life-Threatening Move!” is set to air on February 4.

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